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New yorker chic


So happy to look back at these images as I know how cold it got in New York lately! Looking back at these images that we shot in September, I remember that it was that time of the year where the air was still hot, a time where a simple jacket of the blazer was perfect. That day, we worked on a massive shoot with my good friend photographer, Oriana Marie. Can’t wait for it to come out! Due to this fun project, my hair was all made up and of course it felt like the perfect time to shoot this article. Usually when I try to curl it myself, it just never looks that good. Wish I had magic hands, or a magic curler, to make these locks last more than 5 minutes…!

The streets of New York are always such a wonderful background for any shooting. There’s just so much life and energy. It feels like it definitely translates through the images. My outfit idea that day was to dress up my super loose H&M boyfriend jeans that I bought and ripped my self years ago. They’re still one of my favorite pairs so far. I never managed to find a pair of boyfriend jeans I liked better than this one! And it costed me nothing more than 20 bucks at the men’s department… Golden find!

A good black blazer is always a massive GO for me. Especially when it’s worn with nothing underneath but a black Stella McCartney bra. Some manage to pull it off with actually nothing underneath, no bra, no nothing… but the sudden swirls of wind in the streets of New York made me feel unsure whether I wanted to take the risk to have my everything pop out in the middle of crossing an avenue… If you know what I mean hehe.

To tailor the blazer even more nicely around my waist, I decided to take my black Louis Vuitton bag, which I’d usually wear on the shoulder, and turn in into a belt bag… or a fanny pack as some would call it! What I did is that I took that strap and adjusted it to my waist securing it with a black rubber band that I stuck inside the bag so that It’s super discrete and unnoticeable! I can tell you that many stopped me in the street to ask me when did Vuitton release waist bags!!! I was so excited, might need to pitch this idea to them ;)


BLAZER : H&M (Similar Here)

JEANS : H&M (Similar Here)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here)

BAG : Louis Vuitton (Similar)

EARRINGS : H. Stern courtesy of LoveGold

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