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Something bold

Parisian streets are always the best to photograph. It almost seems like the city has been designed to look good in pictures, and this from any point of perspective, any weather climate or lens being used. It could be pouring rain or shining bright, Paris is just always, and I mean always, perfectly elegant, charming, graceful and simply beautiful. Now I am talking about the aesthetic and overall architecture of the buildings… Because to have it even better, I’d still love to see some more smiles on people’s faces as I feel like Parisians do have this little pinch of salt in the attitude. Which might in fact be also part of the charm… However, my suggestion is : don’t cab too much around the city, get an Uber or… walk!

My favorite thing to do while there, is to walk around without any goal in mind and get lost in between these little streets. Usually by doing so, that’s when you find the coolest, trendiest places where all locals head to. Unfortunately, we don’t always have several hours in front of us to be able to explore as much as we’d like to, but whenever the occasion shows up, taking a long walk always seems to me like the perfect short break in the middle of a long day.

Walking as much is probably something I miss the most while we are in L.A as it isn’t a very pedestrian city! Taking long walks in the city is like having a therapy session for me… It’s my reflective time. But you know what, now I’ve been doing it while in the car stuck in traffic. So, it’s been more than a month and a half that we’ve been living here, and I gotta say, I am totally starting to feel like a California girl! Been spending my days in between two Ubers, to vocal classes and recording sessions, my mind entirely focused on music and future goals… I’ve decided to put my entire heart into this project and make it a full priority, therefore, we refused so many trips and projects to be able to stay in Los Angeles for this long and work exclusively on music… This month, we were supposed to fly to Paris twice, Singapour and Marrakech. We ended up saying a big NO to it all. Our heads are fully focused on this one precious thing right now…

I’m excited to share with you today this look I wore to the Kenzo show in Paris! I ended up mixing a lot of different things together but I love the overall composition of this statement neon yellow dress and this bold black Margiela bomber jacket. These Chloe wedges also became my everything. Not only are they super comfy, they also added a graphic twist to a dress that could have looked quite girly because of the shape of the skirt. Hope you guys will appreciate this look!


DRESS : Kenzo  (Similar Here)

SHOES : Chloé (Similar Here)

BAG : MM6 By Margiela (Similar Here)

SUNNIES : Prada (Similar)

RING : Karapetyan 

BOMBER : Maison Martin Margiela (Similar)

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