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When sporty meets the street

After a long plane ride through the clouds, I finally landed to what truly feels like home now : our little creativity temple in Venice beach, Los Angeles. James and I spent 4 days with the Lovers & Friends team in Tulum, Mexico, enjoying a fabulous lifestyle experience while discovering their beautiful collection in one of the most breathtaking and simply unforgettable setting ever.

Leaving for the sun in the middle of the month of November was probably one of the biggest luxuries e-v-e-r.  My close ones couldn’t stop texting me to tell me how cold it got in Switzerland with pouring rain and snow in some parts of Europe. Eek. Don’t. Wanna. Go. Back. After spending weeks stuck in the recording studio working on my music and going out only if it is to grab a coffee or a bite, it was a pure dream to be able to recharge batteries and feel inspired in a place like Tulum which breathes colors and life.

But before getting in too deep into the Mexico conversation (I still have many stories, my love for ceviche and tacos being one of them!!!) I am super happy to share with you today a new outfit that we shot in New York during fashion week. Lately, I’ve been very interested in a analyzing and creating a sporty look, without it being to comfy or laid back, more like : just came our of the gym, still got my back pack on, put heels on and ran out kind of thing.

Here’s my result! I think that this cute little top from Zara inspired everything else around it. It’s earthy colors made me want to wear a neutral palette for the rest of the look. I usually prefer to do a sleek ponytail, this time I wanted something different and exciting! I hope you guys will love this look.



TOP : Zara (Similar Here & Here)

BLAZER : H&M (Similar)

SKIRT : Zara  (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Manolo Blahnik 

EARRINGS : Zara (Similar)

BACKPACK : Stella McCartney through Monnier Frères

GOLDEN JEWELS : H. Stern courtesy of LoveGold 


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