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Double life

One of my favorite periods of the year to play around with fashion is definitely fall/winter. It is the perfect time to experiment with layering, interesting coats, scarfs, boots, beanies. There are so many options and so much room for creativity. It is less about the outfit you wear underneath, and more about the outerwear you pick which becomes your statement of the season. So pick wisely!

I always have so much fun choosing my coats as there are so many options out there right now. Since I know that I’ll be freezing in winter, I tend to gravitate towards cuts with a bit of a high neck and ultra long sleeves. However, you might not want to look like a refrigerator all packed up in your ultra layers of wool, so a coat with a sleek cut is definitely a plus to lengthen and slim down your silhouette.

As soon as I saw this Virginia coat from Fay, I knew if would be a great statement for this season as it’s so different, unique and original. I loved the stripped sleeves, the burgundy color, the sleek cut, the high neck and the bold metallic details. Everything about it stood out to me. It’s best quality seems to be that even though it’s quiet an eccentric piece, it seems to fit to everything and to any situation. I think that it’s shade and design that is perfect for everyday life and completes any winter look quite amazingly.

It’s actually the perfect representation of a versatile piece for this winter season. It can be easily worn over a cocktail dress for a night out or a super cool effortless look to spend the day out in the city. It’s a great statement piece that fits in this idea of double life : a transition from day to night, or from work to leisure time! It’s your goal to get playful and creative on how to reinterpret it perfectly with your own codes!

It’s a cool statement piece that I’ve noticed myself wearing all the time these past couple of weeks. Whether it was to walk around in the busy streets of New York in the middle of the rain, while checking in my hotel in London with all my suitcases or even just while chilling, it just felt right.



COAT : Fay


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