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Just like the movies

I can’t believe we are a few hours away from the beginning of a new year… Growing up, celebrating New Year’s eve has always been a massive deal. The whole family would get together around a feast, gifts, songs, movies, fireworks…  I’ve always felt like that moment when the clock hits midnight, is pure magic. It always symbolized the beginning of a new chapter, a fresh new start and seemed to be the perfect reason to finally apply all of our heart felt New Year resolutions, especially the ones we’ve been trying to stick to for the last 5 years!

As you may know, I had the luxury of some downtime these last couple of days, something I haven’t fully experienced in a long time… I’ve been staying away from my phone as much as possible, not even checking my texts or emails really, just posting a tiny bit on Instagram. I love having a big break like that in December, when it’s so cold and snowy outside… All I do is stay in and snuggle in my pyjamas with a cup of tea while writing. I’ve been feeling so inspired, I guess it’s the perks of the end of the year : it enhances my creativity levels!

I also took advantage of this free time to stop and think about all the amazing things that happened so far… I can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 years since I first opened my blog and shared a part of my life with all of you. It was the craziest yet best thing I’ve ever done. So many great things happened so far and yet I got so many dreams… 2014 has been the warm up. I want to share with you an even bigger part of my life… Just like a movie. I am ready for a new beginning and all I hope for, is to keep living it with you all.

So before the clock ticks midnight, take a break and think about the precious year you have in front of you. Take everyday as a chance to go out there and become the person you want to be. Don’t wait to live. Just do it now.

See you on my Instagram @kristina_bazan for the official countdown!!!

This article was shot at the Galeries Lafayette. Thanks to their incredible crew for this magical experience!

DRESS : Lanvin

BAG : Olympia Le Tan 

NECKLACE : Shourouk 

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