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#kaytips : the kayteam playlist

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing great, ate a lot of yummy turkey during Thanksgiving and are ready to eat even more during Christmas. Huhu. So w’re kicking off the wee-end with a brand new #Kaytips article! We’re always brainstorming new ideas on what could be interesting to share with you and we thought, since Kristina is getting so involved in her music, it would be appropriate to talk about it! By the way, if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, don’t hesitate to suggest it below in the comments or on my instagram (@fionazanetti).

Music. Music is something so important to me, it rhythms our everyday lives… For me, music fusions with images, lifestyle moments and obviously fashion. There’s not even a question that music completes a visual, and vice versa. It’s such a deep and strong connection, so many emotions at once. When I was active on Tumblr it was obvious that I needed a playlist to match the images and quotes I was sharing. So I asked Kristina, James and our dear friend and talented producer Lance to share with you the songs they were currently listening to. I added some of my favorites as well and there we are: A Kayteam Playlist!

I thought it would be very cool to share with you a playlist from time to time!

1. G O x G R I M E S


2. I L O V E M A K O N N E N (FEAT. DRAKE) x T U E S D A Y

3. Y E L L O W F L I C K E R B E A T x L O R D E

4. M I D N I G H T x  C O L D P L A Y

5. B L A N K  S P A C E  x  T A Y L O R   S W I F T

6.  S T A Y   A L I V E   x   J O S E   G O N Z A L E S

7.  O F T E N   x  T H E  W E E K ND  (KYGO REMIX)

8.  7  /  1 1   x  B E Y O N C E

9. S H O U L D E R  T O   C R Y  O N  x  B L U F O R D  D U C K

Credits: 1. Grimes by John Londono 2. YMCMB 3. Lorde by Cybele Malinowski 4. 5. Taylor Swift, 1989 album 6. Walter Mitty 7. The Weeknd, XO Records 8. Beyoncé for Vogue 9. Victoria B for Vogue
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