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Instant bliss

My sweet loves. How’s everyone? Hope you are all enjoying winter settling down in our backyards, the snow progressively starting to form on the concrete, the festive joy that sparkles up the streets and that that you already began transforming your living room into a Christmas parade with a fully decorated tree and cookies all over the place to satisfy your newly avid winter appetite. Common : it’s hot chocolate obligation on cold days! Am I right?

To be totally honest, lately, I’ve been floating in a bubble and that’s the main reason of my irregular posts. As you know I’m usually a machine, posting like crazy every single morning, but lately, and with my brain focused so much on music and on a few project that I’ll finally be able to reveal in 2015, I decided to act more humanly towards Kayture and post when it made me the happier because I know that if I do it with pleasure, I’ll be able to write and communicate with you guys much better. I would never settle down on writing just a sentence, to me this blog is like my open diary that I share with all of you. Wouldn’t it be sad if it was all blank?

I know you guys are understanding and you’ve been of such amazing support so far. I’ll write a full article about our goals and secret 2015 announcements on the day of New Year’s, a lot is to be expected, but all I can say is that we are definitely starting a new journey, that scares me in the most positive way possible… It excites me and kept me awake at night for months now. But it is so worth it.

Last time I wrote you guys, I was sharing with you the Louis Vuitton story we shot in Gstaad. Right after spending a couple of days in the swiss mountains, we left for Greece and to attend a beautiful couture event before flying back the very next day to Geneva. As soon as I set my foot in my bedroom, my body just gave up on me and I slept during the whole week-end. I am not even joking… Friday 9pm, I fall asleep, Saturday 4pm I wake up to notice what time it is, 4.05pm I fall back asleep on the other side of my bed, 9pm I wake up and watch Frozen, 11.30pm I am asleep again… This all lasted until Sunday 2pm when I actually decided to force myself out of bed to pack for Paris. At least now I know my batteries are fully recharged!

I never faced a situation like this one! My body giving up on me just like that. It was nuts…! My friends thought I disappeared from planet earth as I am constantly scotched up my phone, my Instagram was on pause mode and I even noticed some of you wondering what the heck I was doing. Well the answer is : I was snuggled in bed in the comfiest pyjama I own, wrapped up in a fully blanket, sleeping in the most unattractive position you could possibly imagine. Reality.

Now, I just woke up in my hotel room in Paris. We arrived yesterday to attend the new Louis Vuitton store opening on Avenue Montaigne. An absolutely mesmerizing shop. It’s so exciting to be back in Paris and to see all the lights in the streets, the smell cinnamon as you walk by a french bakery shop… Even when it’s dreadfully cold, Paris still looks just as gorgeous. We are staying in town for a week with a packed up schedule. There’s a lot to do before Christmas hits the place!

Here’s a little about the last couple of days but in this article, I am happy to share with you the very last article we shot in Tulum, Mexico, while we were there enjoying a fabulous time with the Lovers & Friends team. We had the pleasure to stay at the hotel Casa Mi Amor, which you can see in these images. The hotel is made of individual little bungalows, you have your own terrace, a private jaccuzi right by your doorstop and the most unbelievable sea view. It was the dreamiest place to shoot at and such a paradise to explore.


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