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Somewhere in the mountains

My loves, it’s been a couple of very relaxed, peaceful, down to earth days. After coming back home from Paris, all I wanted to do was to dive into the white blankets of my little cozy room and hibernate while the winter wind was blowing against the windows. First of all, let me start this article by wishing you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous time with your families around a delicious home cooked meal, looking over your embarrassing childhood pictures while wearing rain deer sweaters. I have to say, I wished for a bit of snow ans was sad to see none on the 24th as I woke up. Snow just makes everything so magical, doesn’t it?

I felt so blessed to spend a very intimate Christmas with my closest ones at one of our favorite restaurants eating our favorite dish ever. It’s a little place in Lausanne where we’ve been going every year for special occasions and it’s always been just as delicious. Being back just brings so many wonderful memories of growing up… These last couple of days have been so inspiring for me. After traveling that much and for so long, coming back in the room where I’ve been shaping all my ideas feels like being in a real creativity temple. A little bubble of coziness and security made out of warm bed sheets and candles where I feel free to let my mind go all over the place. I spend my whole day in a pyjama, writing words down like a machine, just firing ideas like a cannonball.

Also I realize that it’ll soon be the 3rd time that we celebrate New Year together as it’ll soon be Kayture’s 4th anniversary too (on the 21st of January!!!). Feeling so emotional you guys. Can’t believe we spent so much time together and went through so much hand in hand. I truly believe like you are all part of my family now and it reassures me to wake up every morning knowing that you all here. Your sweet comments truly make my day and make me smile no matter what. And so like every year, the 31st of December means looking back at all the amazing things that happened throughout these 365 days and reflect on all the crazy adventures and life lessons learned. The end of the year also means some revelations and a few surprises that we’ve kept locked up for too long now… My gifts for you will have to wait a couple more days.

Meanwhile, I am here with some new images, right in the winter theme, that we shot at the Alpina Gstaad during our magical stay there. Switzerland is filled with truly majestic places, but this one is by far one of my favorites. It’s the very highlight of what a holiday in the Swiss mountains should be like. The Alpina is clearly one of the most gorgeous hotels in the country and is constructed as this beautiful, chalet looking, luxury five star palace with one of the most dreamy spas you’ve ever seen in your life. We shot these images next to their heated pool before heading back in for lunch. The heat of the water was keeping me warm in that adorable little golden Simone Rocha dress that I picked up from Secret Location. Isn’t it the perfect option for New Year’s eve?! The cut and material are just way too good and so special, just like pretty much everything from SL’s awesome selection. Talk to you very shortly :)


DRESS : Simone Rochas from Secret Location 

BAG : Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Zara

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