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As always, my life’s rhythm is evolving around a series of delirious, but oh so exciting trips and because of this : I have to be always prepared. Lately I experienced something that I never really did before : having paparazzis waiting for me outside of my favorite coffee shop. That was one of the craziest experience e-v-e-r… And I can tell you I could notice all the little details I wasn’t happy about in the pictures, “My skin is too dull, eyes look tired” and bla bla bla! We’re always so hard on ourselves aren’t we?  I always try to have the best beauty routine possible and well, with the lack of sleep, constant jet lag and always ever changing diet (I like to indulge a little too much sometimes hihi), my skin gets confronted to a few challenges while it has to look better and better with the amount of pictures taken everyday! Pressure is on.

I always dreamed of having a pretty skin and I have to say : it’s all about understanding your needs, taking care of it and giving it all the love it deserves. Because I had a slight acne around 15 years old, I was using so many harsh chemicals and drying products which really ruined the quality of my skin. It became very sensitive and since then, even using some creams/cleansers from big mass market brands doesn’t always work for me. My skin is very “stressed” and sensitive, so I always look for calming properties in my beauty products. If I don’t sleep enough one day, it’ll show on my skin first and foremost. That’s why I found the holy grail in organic beauty products too. They literally save my life on a day to day basis as they are so rich.

I need something comforting, like a little cocoon of love that’s going to give moisture to every little cell of my face. I love balms and never use any foaming product as these have usually the most harsh chemically. Since I wear a lot of make-up, I need an in depth cleanse and I notice that my skin gets blemishes only when I don’t clean it well enough. So thankfully I still have my cleansing brush (remember about it?) that I use every single day. In the morning, I have a very simple beauty routine, cleansing + toning with some Avène water + day cream. In the evening I clean my face 3 times. I know… I am insane. But it’s all about making sure to take ALL your make-up off, and honestly, the results have been amazing!

Right now, my routine consists of a Kora Cream cleanser which I apply morning and night, an Amanda Lacey Or Eve Lom beauty balm that I use to take my make up off, I always use it twice : taking all the make-up off the first time with a face cloth, them using the balm again, I activate the oils with my cleansing brush, take it off with the cloth and then use the Kora cleanser to really have a perfectly clean skin. I finish with some beauty oils and finally my moisturizer : right now I like “Earth Tu Face” repair balm. I finish everything with a touch of my favorite vanilla organic lip balm from the Body Deli. It’s so good!

I try to keep this routine when I travel and don’t even need to pack that many products with me anymore as I use a few very precise items! I love feeling cozy, just like home when I’m on the go so if any beauty routine goes along with some Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas, I’m so up for it! Our little home away from home, the beautiful Park Hyatt Zürich where these images where shot, always manage to make us feel so comfortable and well rested. Don’t forget guys, the most important, no matter your skin type, is to remember that we all have our little flaws and issues so just  make sure to use the right products (go for organic asap!), drink enough water and show a beautiful smile : because that’s what’ll make you look the best.

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