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Hello 2015!


Even though it seems like time flies so quickly, I definitely felt each moment of 2014 grasp my heart and carry me away day by day, minute by minute. Since a few years, I’ve set myself for goal to enjoy and embrace each and every second like it was my last… I have never felt more alive.

When January 2014, 12 months ago, hit our calendars, it felt like an alarm ringing in our heads. James and I had a lot of plans for Kayture. 2011 was when everything truly began, we were in our bubble in Switzerland, not really knowing where this blog would lead us or what we could really expect… 2012 was the year of discoveries, we got introduced to a whole new world and started understanding the wonderful gift we had in our hands. 2013 was when we became clever observers of the fashion industry, fascinated by the blogosphere and gently started taking our own risks. In 2014, we decided to be makers.

I have a feeling that 2015 has a special purpose that’s much bigger than anything I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know why or what it is… And, I don’t want to know. I want to wake up each morning and have butterflies in my stomach. Just like going on a date for the first time

It almost feels like a retrospective is unnecessary as we lived this year all together. Hand in hand.There wasn’t one day, one experience where I didn’t feel your presence with me… It might sound cheesy and all, and you might be surprised when I say that I truly love you guys (especially in ipsy-tipsy New Year’s Eve Instagram videos), but I truly mean it and am myself impressed by how important you became in my life. This blog always felt like an open diary to me. Not every moment of my life is perfect but I choose to capture the perfection in it, and looking back at it, it makes me realize that beauty lies within everyday if we choose to pay attention.

I hope that Kayture is this place for you where you know you can always come, in search of inspiration or escape. I want you to know that it’s somewhere you’ll always find positive energy, like a reassuring cocoon. In just a click : I’m here, right on the other side of your computer. Perhaps that way, we know, that we’re all never really alone as long as we all got each other.

2014 is the year where I sensed our relationship growing stronger the most. Not only because we reached our million on Instagram and Facebook or whatever… but because you cared, took the time to write, to interact, to stop and say hi in the streets, to make art, to write quotes. We became a community and you guys are the reason why Kayture won the blog of the year award : you took the time to write my name in that little blank space while you could have written millions of others… The moment as I heard the announcement left me speechless. I couldn’t believe that you guys did something that generous… I want to make sure that I give it all back to you.

Sometimes, when I work with a brand they’ll always ask me about my statistics and so on… Yet I feel like these abstract numbers don’t really represent how special our relationship is. We could be a million, 2, 3 or 5… Or we could be a hundred, knowing that you truly care, support my lowest and highest, take me as I am with my flaws, mistakes as well as achievements, humbles me to the bone.

In each up and down, you guys have always a kind word to say. What’s even more overwhelming is when you guys tell me that some articles, things that I said or wrote made you pursue your own dreams… Well that just makes me want to cry because that’s honestly all I could wish for. And also cause I’m a big ball of cheese… Sometimes you’ll even defend me and argue against haters, which is like… More than anything I could even ask for. Your involved is papable and it’s like standing up for a friend. When you guys wait for me outside the shows or send me gifts in my hotel rooms, I just wanna hit my head against the wall because it feels too surreal. I get really overwhelmed. I’ll never take that for granted. I want to thank you all individually and I hope I’ll be able to do it.

2014, brought some of the most wonderful experiences but to be totally honest, it’s really the moments spent with friends and my incredible team that I keep in my head and heart. We’ve been fighting this year like mad, going after our dreams, setting higher goal each time. If something didn’t work out, it wouldn’t let us down, it would give us even more rage and fire to keep going. Fiona joined our team and started working full time with us. She’s not only one of my best friends but also a soul sister that I feel like I knew all my life. And even though James and I aren’t in a relationship anymore, we’ve never been stronger team mates. What we’ve built together, it’s for life. No one at this point knows me better than him and living each adventure together is worth everything.

2014 meant following my heart. What I said on Instagram is exactly how I felt : music has been my life from a really young age and this year meant trusting my gut and working my ass off. I’ve been going to the studio everyday during my time in Los Angeles, doing vocal coaching classes, meeting with songwriters, producers, management companies, artists… And putting every experience into a song. These moments in front of my piano or with my friend and producer Lance Eric Shipp, letting our heart our hearts out to the melody were goosebumps worthy. I hope that 2015 will allow me to let you in on this. Once I feel ready for it.

The other thing that kept me very busy this whole year…and there goes the “secret” that I’ve been keeping for too long… is that I have been writing a book for almost two years now. You guys know how incredibly passionate I am about writing and I’ve been willing to do it for the longest time. I got the offer from a publishing house in early 2013 and signed the deal to start working on it during the summer of the same year. The book is almost finished now and no it’s not going to be a full on autobiography, nor is it going to be fiction. Also it won’t be a book full of pictures and no text. There will be a lot, and I mean, a lot of text but I think that only with it, you’ll really understand where I come from, what all of this is about and who I truly am from the inside. We don’t have a date of release yet, but soon is good enough.

You guys know that our second home is now in L.A and we’ll be taking off back again in just a couple of days on the 3rd of January. Being there makes me happy beyond words. Our upcoming months are already pretty much planned out but here’s what I’ll tell you… I don’t know where we are going, what will happen, what won’t. All I know is that I want to enjoy life to the fullest, be happy, have no fear and be surprised every single day. As long as I live like that, I’ll be satisfied with anything that comes along.

So with 2015 at our doorstep, I wanted to know, is there anything special you want to see on the blog this year? Any articles or special requests? Bring it all in and here’s my little “gift” for you : I’ll be answering some questions on my Twitter account tomorrow starting from 2pm! So make sure to follow me @kayture and use the hashtag #askay. You can ask ANYTHING and I’ll make sure to answer to as many questions as possible and might even regram the best ones on my Instagram! So… who’s in?


Happy New Year my loves, may this year be filled with love and happiness.



And thank you. Thank you for everything

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