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#kaytips : when in dubaï


Hi everyone!! It’s Fiona back here. First of all I hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve with all your beloved ones and that you started 2015 the right way. 2015 is the year! Can you feel it? We’re gonna be healthier, be better people, chase our dreams, go to the gym, learn a new language and everything we promise ourselves every year since 2011.

2014 was such a great year for me, I joined the Kayteam, met incredible people, traveled the world, I haven’t waited  for the 1st of January to make slight changes in my life. When I turned 20, pretty much everything evolved. I’m a lucky girl and I’m so grateful for it. Grateful for my friends and family, for my health, grateful to do what I love for a living, grateful to share some of my adventures with you all and for amazing opportunities like the one I had the chance to live in Dubaï this December.

I was invited by the Burj Al Arab, better know as “The Most Luxurious Hotel in the World” and when I think about what I experienced, it just feels like it was a dream. Unreal.. The ones of you that follow me on Snapchat had some little hints and small glimpse of a room tour… Room, I mean, Duplex suite. So huge I haven’t been in all the rooms. The driver picked me from the airport in a Rolls Royce Phantom, I had 24/24 butler service and had the chance to attend their private anniversary party with the biggest fireworks show ever done.

This trip allowed me to experience the best of Dubaï so here’s a new #Kaytips on the places to go, the things to do in this amazing city.


B U R J   A L    A R A B


It’s worth the ride. I mean, you’ll obviously end up with a picture of you in a bikini next to it’s incredible glass sail-shaped stature so don’t be shy and take the bridge to see what it looks like from the inside. The hotel has 202 suites, each one with a private butler and arranged over 2 floors. If you have the chance to stay there, it’s a *once in a lifetime* experience. I honestly felt like an arabian princess or something, the service is truly amazing and everyone is super kind. A must do.


W H E R E   T O   E A T


Middle East is full of flavors, I usually like to go to souk and have mint tea when I visit Arab countries but to be honest, my stay was so short I couldn’t (a good reason  to come back soon!). Thanks to a few friends I discovered a lovely place called Basta Art Café in the old town, perfect to have ice tea and a salad during the day. For something a little fancier, I tried Al Mahara which is situated in the heart of the Burj Al Arab and is…wait for it.. an underwater restaurant. Yes, underwater. I know. I had a little “ok Fiona, act normal” moment and an amazing 6 courses dinner with pairing wines next to some lovely sharks. Dubaï standards. No biggie.



W H A T    T O    D O

Dubaï is all about leisure. There are tons of amazing waterparks, and the Burj Al Arab even has one. Yes. The hotel I stayed in has a waterpark. “Heavy breathing”. Of course there’s amazing shopping options, shopping is to Dubai what skiing is to Switzerland right? You can also do a boat trip along the creek that divides the city and enjoy a beautiful sunset. But the one must do for me is definitely a desert safari which includes dune driving, camel riding and belly dancing. Sounds amazing isn’t it?




I love to try local treatments or massages when I visit a place. Talise Spa was one of my best experience ever, the hammams and decoration reminded me of the ancient Middle East but combined with super modern amenities. I tried their signature massage which was a truly memorable moment 150 meters above the Arabian Gulf. Did I mention they have not one but two infinity pools with a breathtaking view over the city? Man, I definitely have to go back. For the on-the-go people, one of my friend advised me The Yas Beauty Spa for a mani/pedi or an haircut.




Again I had the chance to try the best of Dubaï because a lot of people told me it was one of the most exclusive spots in town, The Skyview bar at the Burj Al Arab has an insane view, probably because it situated on the 27th floor. It’s a once in a lifetime experience so, make a reservation and try a cocktail with liquid nitrogen, then thank me later. One other cool place is definitely the Buddha Bar where you’ll bump into a lot of expats. After the Burj Al Arab’s birthday party and fireworks I joined some friends that had a table at Cirque le Soir, if you’re similar with the one in London you know what I’m talking about. Circus acts, creepy clowns, popcorns and a lot of fun.

 Credits : 1, 2, 4, 5 : Jumeirah Medias ; 3: UAE Tourism


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