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On edge

These last couple of days have been pure, complete craziness and filled with overwhelming moments of adrenaline rush… Being in L.A is a real dream come true, I feel like I’m levitating in a little colorful bubble of heaven. It might be the reason why I didn’t post for a couple of days, I felt the urge to live the moment and come back even more inspired with so much to say and so much to share with you guys. As you might know, 2015 is full of new resolutions for me and the whole Kayteam… We all had a special feeling on New Year, as if we knew that something crazy was going to happen. I’ve never felt as motivated, excited and passionate. It’s like a breath of new energy came in me as soon as the 1st of January hit our calendars.

Spending time with Lance, my producer buddy, doing music all day, everyday is beyond words… It’s all I ever really wanted and honestly, there’s no other place I’d rather be. My past couple of days have been like this : waking up at around 7am, kicking off with dance/work-out classes, then vocal classes, then studio/songwriting/practicing with Lance all day with music related meetings + events in the evening. So between seeing Taylor Swift at my dance class this Thursday, enjoying a sassy glimpse of Jamie Dornan a.k.a Mr. Grey at the W Magazine, Pre-Golden Globes party and being acclaimed by 10 paparazzi on my way to get coffee, days have been a little wild… Like really wild.

I’ve been living every single second to the fullest, that’s why I disconnected a tiny bit from the online world. And you know what, it feels so good. It gives me even more things to say when I get back at it. Living in the present and experiencing “real life” instead of seing the world through the lens of a camera felt quite refreshing to be true. I felt more inspired to write songs, to have in depth conversations, to start a new diary! I also got addicted to Twitter (make sure to follow me @kayture) where I share some ridiculously exciting introspective inner monologues…! We’ve also had such an awesome Q&A party! I was so impressed to see the hundreds of questions that have been sent out, we’ll definitely do that more often you guys.

I am thrilled to share this new editorial with you. We shot it on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette, in their private shopping suite where I had the chance to pick and choose some gorgeous party outfits… Black has always been my color of predilection, for probably everything. As soon as I saw this black leather dress from Lanvin, my heart literally melted. It felt like Matrix met Audrey Hepburn and they had a baby together. Boom. It’s such an edgy yet incredibly beautiful piece. I wanted to mix it up with silver details such as these Gucci heels, Messika diamonds and a little Lady Dior bag.

Images shot at the Private Shopping Suite of the Galeries Lafayette

Dress LANVIN  (Similar) / Bag DIOR / Shoes GUCCI / Jewelry MESSIKA

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