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#kaytips : how to get through a long flight

… And look fresh at the arrival? That is the question. I’ve been flying a lot lately and I have to say that if I don’t prepare a little for a 6 hours flight, I usually cry when I see my face in the mirror after I get off the plane. So I’ll share the best tips and routine all of us should keep in mind to avoid dry skin, dark circles, dehydration, puffy eyes and so on. Let’s do it!


It’s all about the carry-on so make sure that once you packed a good book, your computer, headphones and chargers, you don’t forget to pack a pair of warm, cozy socks. I always take my shoes off because my feet (and fingers and all) tend to get inflated and since it’s always so cold in the plane (right?) I would even suggest to put two pairs of socks on, at least, that’s what I do. The blankets in the plane are so tiny and thin that I usually keep my coat on, so make sure to travel with a very cozy one. Don’t forget to pack your best travel size beauty essentials. I’ll describe mine below. The seat is SO important, for a long flight, even if it costs a little more money, try to choose a good seat while booking your tickets. We’re ideally talking emergency exit, window, first row… You DON’T want to be stuck between two strangers right next to the bathroom (I’ve been there, trust me).



After you stow your carry-on, make sure you have a little pouch with you with all the necessary stuff to get ready for the flight. So you take your shoes off, put comfy socks on, take off your rings, earrings (bracelets are fine but still). During a long flight, it’s important to sleep as much as possible. First it will help with the jet lag and then, we all know how boring a long flight tends to be… So I remove my make-up entirely (I promise that your neighbor for the next hours don’t care at all and it’s never the really hot guy, although, who knows!) If by any chance it’s the really hot guy (or girl), ABORT mission. I’m kidding. Nice skin before anything. I use Neutrogena all-in-one cleansing wipes and I sometimes pop a pill of Melatonin, which is a very natural way to get sleepy as it’s drug-free. Also, for a bright look on the arrival, you should definitely consider the eye mask. As we look silly anyway with it, let’s make the most of it and choose a funny one 




As we don’t want our face or lips to look like a cracked dry desert, it’s time to use the Evian Facial spray to keep the hydratation in and feel fresh the whole time. It’s very important to mist after you remove your make-up. You know the nasty recycled air you’re going to breath for the next hours, well the mist will act like a barrier and add an extra layer of hydration. You can also use Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray  that contains rose water. Rose water is the best. And then it’s time for us to look like the freaks we are by applying a mask (I hope the guy next to you is really not attractive, or that you’ll fly with friends or family that will love you no matter what) I’m a huge Korres fan when it comes to this, I was in Athens pretty recently and I made sure to shop some Korres products for a lifetime. I love also my lifesaver Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream.



Now that we’re done with the face. Let’s not forget the rest of our, well, self. Drink as much as possible during the flight, and as much as the little liquor bottles can be tempting, DON’T DO THAT. I always make sure I have some coconut water with me but a large Evian will do as well. And choose tea over coffee when the flight attendant ask you what you’d prefer. Always. I hate in-flight meals menu, they tend to salt it so much because our taste buds don’t work the same up in the air. And salt will dehydrate you even more. I always pack some almonds or nuts to fight against this. You’re ready to sleep!





You’re an hour or so close to your destination and now it’s gametime. If you’re a germaphobe, don’t forget to disinfect your hands before touching your face. It’s time for cleansing wipes again and anti-puffiness eye mask, I love the Hope In a Tube that I got recently and that I use for both eye and lips. If you have time (and that everyone in the plane already assumed you’re a freak) the Bliss Instant Energizing Eye Mask is the best ever ever. Then use a  moisturizer or face oil before you go to the bathroom for a little make-up retouch. A good concealer will do to hide the redness from the flight and, a little bit of mascara and you’re ready to go! You now can run to the closest Stabucks to avoid jet lag by finally drinking coffee. Bon voyage!



Credits: 1&4 Laurie Bartley for Harper’s Bazaar 3.Breakfast at Tiffany’s 


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