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If lazy days really existed in my schedule, they’d look like this : rolling in bed the whole day and not getting up. At all. AT ALL. During our stay in Paris last December, it just happened like that. It was a Sunday, Fiona had just left as she had some exams to work on (which she recently passed!!!) leaving me by myself in this gigantic, gorgeous room. The streets were quiet, the ambiance at the Park Hyatt on Place Vendôme peaceful… I woke up at 4pm (yes you read correctly, 4pm! And I did go to bed at 11pm the night before… no crazy party..!), checked the time on my phone and fell back to sleep. I woke up the next day at 1pm. It was pure madness but I guess that my body craved some laziness and the fact that these beds are so comfy doesn’t help. They really make me feel like home.

Lately I’ve been forced into being lazy as I got sick. It usually never happens to me as I try to eat as healthy as possible during the whole year to make sure my immune system is boosted (the only way to hold on to such a hectic schedule) but the weather lately just got me : plus I gotta say, I’ve been indulging more than I should and haven’t been sleeping that much so… My body just decided to give up on me, forcing me to stay in bed for a nice handful of five straight days… Joy.

To be totally honest, as much as I love doing nothing, it also drives me crazy. I have the workaholic syndrome where I really hate staying in one place and doing nothing productive out of my bare hands. Being sick is worser than worse because you basically don’t have a choice. No matter what I tried to do : either it was to write some emails, shoot some images, start packing for nyfw, I’d began sneezing every 5 seconds, my head would start to burn and I’d be forced into laying position back again. On the other hand, I enjoyed the snuggling part with warm blankets and hot tea. But two days would have sufficed.

Anyway, I am thrilled because in just a couple of hours, we’ll be taking off to New York for a new mad fashion week season!!! And this time… It’ll be slightly different and I’d like to explain why. First of all, if you follow me on Twitter then you must have seen that I had a crucially important meeting this week (one that I had to go to even though my nose was a big clay pot) : we finally got out US visa!!! We applied for a visa allowing us to live in the states for 3 years and I am dying of excitement as it finally got approved. I’ve announced us moving to L.A a couple of months ago already, but this makes it even more official as we can finally get a permanent place instead of using AirBnB like gypsies.

So after New York, instead of doing the London/Milan/Paris circuit straight away, we are stopping in L.A first, our new home, as I crave working on my music (there’s so much to do!!!) and will start house hunting to find the perfect little creativity nest. This year is going to be so different, so new, so exciting. I just can’t wait to enjoy every second of it. Of course, we’ll keep organizing new Meet & Greets, the next ones are going to be in NY and L.A so stay updated folks!!! Can’t wait already.


SWEATER : Zadig & Voltaire

LEGGINGS : Stella McCartney 

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