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#kaytips : festival guide

Well, hello there. It’s Fiona taking over. I know, it’s been so long…! These past few weeks were kind of insane. As you probably got it, we just found our new apartment in LA which is amazing! However, my visa isn’t ready yet so I have to go back to Europe very soon. Which will allow me to spend some time with my family and friends and finalize everything before finally moving in with Kristina (hopefully) at the end of this summer. I can’t believe I’ll move in in my first apartment. In LA. At 20 years old. What is happening!? What can I say, life is an adventure and you can never predict how it will surprise you…

I haven’t been home since New York Fashion Week last February and we’ve been traveling non stop. From LA to Paris, then LA again, hotels, airbnbs, Coachella and now that we finally found a permanent place… we left to the Bahamas (I won’t complain), then New York, Palm Springs with Louis Vuitton, back in LA, then  Idaho for a special project, then Oxford and London, Cannes for the Film Festival and finally Paris aaaaand Switzerland early June. Crazy right? And we even have some extra surprises packed in the middle of all of this.

But let’s talk about one of the best weekends of my life. Am I too predictable? (you already guessed it because of the title anyway) I mean, Coachella was insane. It was my second time and by far the most amazing one, we met so many incredible people, been to some dope parties, assisted to some mind-blowing concerts and it’s starting to be a lot of superlatives (I haven’t use “on fleek” thought, hope you appreciate the effort). As Coachella is kind of launching the festival season, I thought it was a good #Kaytips idea. Of course each and every festival is different but  we all face the same issues at some point so we all need to bare with the same survival kit. So here we go, let’s do this!




First of all, you should definitely go on the festival’s website and check the rules, depending on which ones, there’s a couple of thing that might be banished. For example: no selfie-stick or professional camera for Coachella or Lollapalooza. Let’s talk about battery, you’ll run out of it so fast, I promise, you won’t even have time to upload a snapchat that it will be gone so don’t forget to bring an external battery, there are some super stylish ones on the market right now and it will definitely be your lifesaver during the festival. Also, you’ll probably have the time of your life listening to your favorite bands and being with your group of friends and get a little bit tipsy and maybe loose your phone or forget your battery or run after a very attractive person (I’d never do that) and not be able to find your friends after. What I’d recommend is writing down all your friends numbers on a piece of paper that you’ll carry around with you, so if anything happens, you could still reach them.





You definitely want to have your hands free so any clutch or hand bag is a serious no go. Opt instead for a cool backpack or a shoulder bag, high hand or not, something stylish yet very practical. There’s a lot of chance that it’s going to be very hot. I’d recommend wearing something you’re very comfortable in. You’re probably gonna jump like crazy during your favorite song at a concert and there’s going to be a lot of people, so don’t wear something that changes color when it gets wet, like grey cotton, worst idea ever. Let’s also talk about shoes, I’m not against a little heel if the shoe is closed, like cowboys boots. We were lucky enough to have VIP tickets so we could indulge open toe shoes as these areas were super clean and not too crowded but if you’re going to spend a full day in the crowd, dancing and partying, I would definitely do flats, closed shoes. Also, my beauty must-have is definitely a dry shampoo, it literally saved my life, it would save yours as well, particularly if you’re doing camping.




Pick a meeting point at the beginning so that you can meet your friends in case you all loose each other. If all the previous steps go wrong (no battery, no phone, no piece of paper) it might save your evening… Or you’ll make new friends! Let’s not forget that usually, during Festivals, the network connection is really poor. Agreeing on some meeting points  throughout the day is the best thing to do. Then there’s some very basic items to have like sunscreen and water. Definitely prepare some cash before getting in, festivals usually have ATM obviously but the rate is most of the time, ridiculously high.

So it’s a lot of informations right? The most important is definitely to enjoy yourself as much as possible, to live in the moment, don’t spend your festival looking for your missing friends and be safe! As we all experienced so many different adventures during festivals, you should definitely share your top festival tip with everyone in the comment section below!

With Love, F.

Credits: 1: Joe Hallock 2: Jose Martinez
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