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Bathroom diaries

The best thing about having your own place is definitely, DEFINITELY, having your own bathroom and doing what ever the hell you want to do in it. Throughout all of my life, I used to share the same bathroom with both of my parents, which was totally fine and I was, of course, very much used to it, but words can’t describe how awesome it is to now fill up my own bathroom with my own products (candles, nice trays, and decorative pieces). If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you definitely know how obsessed I am with beauty products and skin care, in general. It’s simply one of my favorite things ever. Whenever I feel down there are two things that I’ll do. 1: Have a glass of wine, and 2: Have a massive beauty moment. There’s seriously nothing more comforting than chilling in your bed covered in a clay mask, sipping on a glass of Chardonnay.

Now, there are a few things I really wanted to talk about in this post, as my beauty routine continues to evolve with time. First of all, as I moved into my new place I obviously had to re-organize all of my essentials, since I wanted my bathroom to look very sleek and minimalistic. So, first things first: get rid of all the useless items (always a hard thing to do because even when I have two drops of cream left in my pot, I’ll never get rid of it). And what was I supposed to do with all these products that I bought that never worked for me?! You know, those amazing creams and masks that everyone is raving about, but make you breakout dramatically? You spent all you money for that glorious pot of cream and ended up with the weirdest spots on your forehead… Yeah. Intense.

So after a massive reorganization I finally managed to create my ideal bathroom shelf with beauty products that I knew I’d use (well, at least try my best to! hehe) and I got into that weird phase of organizing everything by color, meaning my bathroom is all white and marble so the products I use are all white, black, gold, silver or transparent. Some of them are light blue or turquoise too but that’s pretty much it. It’s kind of an extreme way of designing as there are so many amazing products out there with different packaging, but I can assure you organizing by color looks 100x better. I keep my products designed with other colors, but they go straight into the drawer (I love my insane Bioderma make-up remover, it’s pink, but it’s everything).

Now, in this L.A weather, my skin has been on a total freak out roller coaster. I manage, somehow, to maintain a healthy complexion by paying attention to my diet and using organic beauty products (my body has been needing tons of care lately). L.A is the place where you show skin 365 days of the year. It’s always shorts weather and believe me, you want your skin to glow and look as smooth as possible. So here are a few tips I’ve been trying out and loving lately:

1. Exfoliate

When you’re in the shower, take the time to scrub away all your dead cells to improve blood circulation (this will contribute to a better, brighter skin tone) and to accelerate skin rejuvenation. My favorite way to proceed is to buy exfoliating gloves (they have this fuzzy, somewhat rough texture), put them on with some of your favorite shower gel and scrub then rinse yourself until your skin is smooth like a baby’s butt. You can also buy a brush to use in the shower or dry brush your body after the shower. It’s even more effective, (can hurt a little) helps to get rid of cellulite, and is amazing for skin renewal.

2. Tan

If you’re doing spray tan or use any tanning products, the best way to maintain the glow is to exfoliate your skin before going in the tanning booth with the brush and then the following days use the gloves consistently to make sure that your tan is not getting crumply in certain places (such as knees, under arms, décolleté). I suggest also applying a bit of bronzer after the shower to avoid the tan to fade away. My biggest challenge was maintaining my spray tan while also working out everyday, the sweat just kind of “dissolves” it and that’s why exfoliating everyday + applying fresh bronzer is the right way to go.

3. Hydrate

Once you got rid of your dead cells you wanna give your skin some lovin’ and moisture that’s why hydratation is key! I am very impatient and I love doing things quickly and efficiently which I am sure you guys love to. My favorite thing to do lately has been to apply the Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer right after the shower while my skin is still wet. It’s actually a completely new concept (I think I’ve never hear about that before) meaning as soon as you step out of the shower you grab the lotion and apply it all over. This will help locking in the moisture right after you shower and promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Plus the scents they come are so unbelievable, my favorite is the coconut one! So delicious. Once you’ve done that, you’re skin is fully ready for the day!

4. Stay healthy

I won’t repeat it enough but a healthy lifestyle is the key to beautiful skin, it truly comes from inside out. So make sure to drink enough water, eat your fruits and veggies, work out and get enough sleep to optimize your results. It’s a matter of taking care of your whole self before anything else. Enjoy the pampering guys!

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