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Gold reflect

During fashion week, having a somewhat healthy beauty routine is a challenge. We discussed skincare and the things I try to do to maintain a good, bright complexion but it’s not the only thing. When you keep running around the whole day and eventually each one of your steps is being photographed, you want to make sure that you look and especially feel your best! And how to do that when there is 0 time for pampering? Usually when I am not on a fashion month schedule, I always take 1 day out of the week to do a big beauty day : a facial, nails, bath, tan…everything! But believe me, when you barely have time to eat and keep running around to shows, then to airports to catch your flight for the next city, there’s more important things to think about.

I’ve always been quite lucky with my hair and I will admit : I don’t do much to it. If some people suggest going to the hairdresser regularly, I barely do it though. I like to keep my hair really long and natural by using very few heating tools and a lot of rich products to keep it as healthy and beautiful as possible. In fact it’s been somewhat over a year that I haven’t cut my hair and even though I do sometimes crave a huge change (which I am sure I’ll end up doing one day as it’s been too long…!!!) I do try to do the minimum to simply maintain it’s natural beauty. So especially when on the run, the most important for me is to find the right products to use, the ones that are easy, fast and effective.

Big beauty junky that I am, I recently discovered this incredible brand, Miriam Quevedo which I fell in love with first of all because of course, I am completely obsessed with anything gold and she has this one particular line that’s all about it. I’ve been trying the whole collection of products during Milan fashion week and my hair was feeling just so amazing. First of all not only is the line made with actual micronized Gold but also, wait for it… Caviar. Yup. Talking about a more luxurious treatment. All these active ingredients revitalize, nourish and regenerate the hair, making it perfectly shiny, sexy and gorgeous. Every morning I would wash it with the Gold Shampoo and conditionner then apply the Gold lotion to detangle and make it super silky and glossy. Then few times per week I’d also apply the gold oil at the ends of my hair to maintain them healthy and well moisturized. Hope you guys will enjoy this series of pictures that Cibelle and I shot! For any other beauty tips request you guys feel free to send us a twitt!

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