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Nyfw recap

Greetings from my hotel room in London! It is that time fo the year, or shall I say THE time of the year. What exactly am I talking about? I think you guys all know… It is indeed fashion month!!! As some of you already understood, the fashion month is one of the most important periods of the year for fashion industry, buyers, designers, influencers all meet to celebrate the new creations and what’s to foresee in stores for the next couple of months. Each city has it’s own aesthetic as September is dedicated to New York, London, Milan and Paris. It’s fascinating to see how big of an impact a show can have and how quickly the messages created can be spread out. Fashion has always evolved with our society to reflect a part of it and it’s an absolute honor to attend these events as they truly shape and build the fashion marketplace and what we all will be looking at and possibly wearing.

New York has been a whirl of excitement. For of all because it was Fiona’s return in the States and second of all because it was our first time traveling all together with James, Fiona and our new KayTeam member Cibelle. So it was a lot of first times and it was so amazing and fun to see Cibelle experience the FW madness together with us and capture it through her wise camera lens. The shows this season were undeniably gorgeous. My favorites were definitely Alexander Wang and Givenchy which I did not attend but watched with all my possible attention. I was falling in love over and over again with Wang’s bold edgy statements and Givenchy’s facial ornaments (can we also please talk about Joan’s black smoke dress, it was everything). I love it when a show has a bigger message to share and Givenchy definitely set the bar extremely high by brining in Marina Abramovic to do the art direction. For those of you who missed it, please make sure to check out the show online and read all about it, it’s absolutely spectacular.

From the shows I actually attended my favorites were Derek Lam, Thakoon and Prabal Gurung which were all so perfectly elegant with gorgeous shapes and perfect cuts. New York always inspired me to a more edgier, looser aesthetic and therefore my outfits have been evolving in this direction. I am happy to share with you all a recap of the looks I wore during NYFW as well as the shots from the shows. I think that my favorite was actually the Derek Lam white stripe top + navy flare pants. I know that many of you guys were not into it, but it’s its weirdness that I actually like and how untraditionally beautiful it is. I find very loose cuts to be the most beautiful and subtle ones, so for me that was a total winner. Also the very last outfit with the red Kenzo skirt and Cmeo Collective black top was everything, nothing better to give you all the confidence in the world than a little black and red!

I am currently writing this article from London as we just landed for the LFW! We spent the last few days in Milan as we had to leave NY a bit earlier for a project with Omega. It was so much fun, we had the most amazing time with their team there, threw some glitter while in the middle of the party to celebrate our 2M followers on Instagram and the end of NYFW. It was also nice to have these 48 hours in Milan to sort of breath and let new information come in our brains. We are ready to attack London shows, make sure to stay updated on Snapchat though guys and do let me know which one fo these looks is your favorite, so so curious to hear about it! x (All outfit details on Instagram)

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