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Worth it

This article feels very special to me and I truly am pinching myself by simply writing down these lines. First and foremost, let’s give a round of applause for the end of this crazy-mad-magical-overwhelming-exhausting-STUNNING fashion month! You guys have seen it all live from my Snapchat : days were insane, emotions were high, laughter was always on and well… definitely a lot of things have happened. September has always been a very important month for us ever since the beginning of Kayture. It’s the month when all fashion industry comes together in celebration of art and creativity and there’s truly no other time of the year just like it. It’s unbelievably special. Each year, with the team, we strive and fight to push our limits further and further, with one goal in our mind : do better, work harder, and surprise you with the unexpected.

I can’t believe all the things this blog has gone through, and looking back at all the old articles it’s very overwhelming to see the nice little path we’ve built from these pretty tiny streets of Nyon, our small town in Switzerland where we used to shoot most of the first looks that appeared on Kayture. I am amazed to see how far we’ve come and what can result from having such big bags of hopes and dreams… It reassures me that it is true, nothing is impossible. I’ve spent a lot of time these last couple of days, in the middle of this fashion month whirl, just thinking about the beginning of it all and how my state of mind has evolved from then to now… And honestly, nothing has pretty much changed. Of course I learned so much about the industry, about the business behind it, met so many unbelievably inspiring people but I believe deep down, my state of mind has always remained the same way. I’m still just as overwhelmed, impressed and excited by each and every single thing that happens. I still can’t believe it when some of you take the time to come up to us in the streets, even if it’s just to say a hi. I still can’t believe it when some of my favorite brands reach out to us and am still amazed by all the absolutely incredible things we see everyday. Deep down I know, it shall always remain that way.

My parents have always taught me to never take anything for granted and to embrace everyday as if it was the last, to be modest, perfectionist and hard working. These values, to this day, are the most important gifts they could have ever given to me as they help me go through life and face any possible situations. If you guys see only the glossy side of what we do, I can guarantee that it’s not always the case in the backstage process. A lot of hard work goes into organizing all the trips, projects and big responsibilities come along when working with corporate entities. Needless to say that in our team we are all super young, no one’s older than 23, all self taught and that each day we strive to prove ourselves the best. But one thing for sure is that we all simple want to do some good, to be good and especially to fight endlessly for our passions knowing that the future holds so many incredible opportunities.

Growing up, I wanted to do a hundred million different things. I wanted to write, to paint, to sing, to model, to dance, to act… And I have to say that the little girl I once was is quite happy with the way things turned out. I am sometimes asked, if you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing? Well, blogging allows me so much freedom to touch to everything, from fashion, to food, to travel to beauty… it allows me to write, talk, sing and even to share with you some of the most intimate moments of our lives…. There are no boundaries to this unbelievable freedom of expression that the internet has given us all. And as my music is on the way with hopefully a release planned for next year, I can truly tell that there’s nothing I would like to do other than that. I wouldn’t trade this amazing freedom and ability to interact with you for nothing.

I am absolutely amazed with the amount of letters we’ve been getting throughout this fashion month from readers all over the globe writing such beautiful empowering and inspirational messages. Fiona and I keep them all as they keep our hearts warm during all these travels. Thanks to you all, we have a feeling of home no matter where we go… And truly, knowing that the blog might have given you hope, might have made you smile or even question things at a certain point, that our achievements might have given you strength, that our mistakes proved that they’re also good for learning, then we are on the right track. Because there’s honestly nothing more priceless than knowing that we might be, in any way possible, leaving a positive mark on our path. It makes it all worth it.

And all of this to proudly announce that after months of hard work and of trying to keep it all under the radar, I have officially joined the L’Oréal Paris team as their new brand ambassador. It is absolutely insane to think that I am now part of this unbelievably inspirational group of women such as Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes or Eva Longoria who have been a part of the brand for years now and keep inspiring us all over and over again. My love for make-up, as you know, has been quite obvious since the beginning and nothing made more sense and honored me more than embracing this new title. When I first learned the news, I spent hours on the phone with my mom just laughing and crying out of excitement. All these wasted tubes of lipsticks that I kept stealing from her beauty cabinet finally had a purpose!

I’ve always associated make-up to empowerment and creativity. Since I’m a little girl, I’ve had such a big love for all the colors, textures and little pots that I used to collect and play around with. It’s by bringing these colors to life, just like a painter would create on a blanc canvas, that we have the opportunity to express a certain mood, a specific aesthetic or style on our very own face for the world to see. A make-up is a statement as it shows ourself to the world in a voluntarily controlled way. The choices you’ll make whether it’s the color, shape or texture will somehow speak for themselves and say something about your personality just as your clothes would do. Fashion has this same ability, it tells a bit about us without us having to say anything. And instead of thinking that it’s a way to hide ourself, I consider it as an empowering tool to express our creativity and individuality as helps also to unveil another side of us. I have naturally a very innocent, fair complexion and I can tell that a smokey eye always makes me feel so strong and fierce!

I am happy to share with you the visuals we’ve created with the L’Oréal team throughout the first days of Paris fashion week as well as the official announcement video. I also would like to thank the whole Kayteam for this insane accomplishment that we all proudly share, to James who never stopped fighting and believing in us, to Fiona for being the best friend and badass business woman possible, to my mother for all the unconditional love and support, my dad for all the words of reason, to Cibelle for always capturing the magical instant. To my Next management family who are truly unstoppable, the entire L’Oréal family for this incredible trust and finally to you guys, for all this love. My biggest wish with this new title as a L’Oréal Spokesperson is to engage a conversation about beauty and use all these amazing products to play, around, get inventive, creative and express the most fearless ideas.

Photography by Cibelle Levi 

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