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My loves. How is everything? I missed writing, I missed talking to you and simply drowning in my head to write down all my thoughts as I usually do here. Once fashion month was declared officially over, or at least for this season, my body, and mind, decided to completely shut down, forcing me to go on a bit of a blogging and social media break. Although at this point, it is a bit hard for me (not because I can’t but more because I don’t want to!) to completely avoid social media, I needed to take some distance towards all of the amazing things that have happened. I was exhausted and ecstatic in the most incredible way! You see, we all talk about September, the shows, the events and so on, but even I tend to forget how intense it can really get. It’s a whirl of emotions. My mind is now filled with so many incredible memories that I can’t wait to share.

New York was only the beginning. It was amazing to be there all together with the whole team, Fiona, James, Cibelle, ready to face all that’s to come. It all started so smoothly and as it kept going, I started realizing all the amazing thing we were living and seing with our very own eyes. Since I am a little kid, fashion has been one of those things that would make my imagination go wild. I would sketch in my school books, I’d fall asleep imagining dresses or costumes I could wear one day, hopefully on stage… It was my way to escape reality and drown in an imaginary world where anything could happen. Growing up, I started researching designers, from Dior to Yves Saint Laurent, trying to understand their aesthetic and what they had to say. I would watch the shows online, take notes or even just stare with my eyes wide open. I was fascinated.

Today, having the chance to actually assist at these shows is beyond magical and each time I have to pinch myself. It feels so surreal… And every time that it starts feeling normal, I have the pleasure to pull my self heavily back to the ground. Why? Simply because I hope to never take this magical privilege for granted. I really do believe that fashion has this power to say a bit about us without us having to speak. It shows our moods, our inspiration and is a way to also project aesthetically what we’d like to become. These runway shows are such incredible inspirational moments. It’s instants that can mark a generation… And it inspires me in so many different ways.

This September we have decided to travel through the entire 4 fashion week cities, and what comes after New York? London. It was my second time doing LFW and I was extremely excited to attend more shows and really get a grasp of it’s distinctive style. If each city has it’s very own, London to me is a bubble of freshness in the middle of the month. Less people tend to come and so many amazing, young designers make their bold statements. From Roksanda Ilincic to Jonathan Saunders, it’s a pop of bright colors and graphic prints that feel so refreshing and different. I had so much fun attending the Versus show as well as MM6 by Margiela which pushed the limits of artistry, as always, to a completely different level. Shows become real art experiences and keeping an open mind is truly key to be able to get ahold of all the depth and beauty in each collection.

For LFW, my outfit choices got darker if not only for one look which was white and powder blue. More and more, I am attracted to very graphic cuts, minimalistic accessories, crops tops and looser bottoms. I enjoyed wearing a lot of black, most of my outfits evolving around a more edgy and modern idea than a pure feminine look like it used to be… I guess it does show what my latest inspirations and moods were like in a way… I am not saying that I’ve been feeling sad because I wear a lot of black! In fact for me, black, is so pure, elegant and truly beautiful. I think that I gravitate towards a more mature style, aiming to incorporate it all to a boyish touch. There’s nothing I love more than menswear : give me culottes, blazers, over sized anything. All of that, but with a heel and some lipstick, of course! I hope you guys will enjoy this series of images with all of my LFW outfits. Curious to know which one was your favorite! x

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