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2015 recap

Here we are. It is that time of the year where we all go through our bags of memories, setting down new goals for the year that’s to come. It is a fact : time flies unbelievably quickly and looking back at everything that has happened, I cannot believe we are headed towards 2016 already. It feels like just yesterday, I was still that 14 year old girl living in Switzerland with her parents, dreaming about the world and being so scared of what the future holds for her… Now, my approach to future has drastically changed. Life has taught me that we have this incredible power, this marvelous capacity to actually shape it. Even though a lot of people are against this idea, they might say that our path is written in the stars… I think destiny is an excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. Some people say they can’t keep their resolutions so they don’t make any. However my tradition on the 31st December of each year is to sit down with a cup of tea, my favorite candle and write down, by digging deep in my heart, all these things that I want to manifest in the year to come and do everything that’s in my power to make them happen.

Starting the year with a burst of positive energy and hope is truly priceless. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t try to plan everything ahead. Letting life surprise you and receiving unexpected lessons is what makes living so enjoyable and exciting after all. How boring would it be if each challenge, if each goal we had was so easy to accomplish… My resolutions gravitate towards a general vision. Certain things I’d like to keep up, others that I’d like to initiate. Some things I write down aren’t specific but more encouraging, challenging me to do things differently, to question my perception and think even more outside the box. If there’s one thing that 2015 has taught me, well it is to do so. To let go of fear, let go of apprehension or of what other people might think, to let go of any judgments and just live. Live each day with a big open mind, big open eyes, aware, conscious and taking each element of life like a new lesson. Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve noticed myself go through so many psychological stages which was translated in either the photography or my texts. Having you guys in my life has actually been one of the most constructive experiences. It made me question so many things and seek for new, different perspectives.

When 2015 kicked off, I felt a new energy within me. And this, because I knew that so many incredible things were about to happen. We began this year with an award for Best Blog during the Stylight Awards in Berlin and from that point on which we then celebrated with the best sushi plate in the world at DuDu (best sushi spot in Berlin, you guys NEED to try), it all started to kick in. I remember, Fiona, James and I, were sitting around the table, talking about how we could just tell that all the dots would soon connect and that we’d take Kayture and our lives on a completely different journey. 2015 symbolized so many incredible events, our speech at Oxford University, my first magazine cover for Elle South Africa, for Vogue Portugal, for Elle Thailand and Grazia, W magazine announcing my official transition into a music career, working with some of the most talented producers I could have ever dreamed of, being announced as the very first digital spokes person for L’Oréal Paris… All of this was enough to make my head and heart explode.

My parents have always taught me to embrace everything in life with modesty and gratefulness because nothing comes easy, nothing should be taken for granted and nothing lasts for ever. I sincerely believe in that it is the reason why, to this day, each achievement, each one of your comments, each smile on your faces, each song I get to record, each moment spent with my best friends, each plane ride, each hotel, each crispy rice sushi I get to eat, all these things will always make my heart burst out of joy and happiness and you won’t ever, e-v-e-r, hear me complain. Because there are truly no reasons to. We all go though highs and lows in our lives, it is how we approach the rise and fall that determines who we are as human beings. As you can imagine, running on such high intensity schedule is not always easy : you don’t get to see your family that often, you’re always packing and unpacking, you miss your friends’ birthdays and having a “personal” life a.k.a a relationship is even harder. But if there’s one thing that tops all of this off, are the moments spent with my incredible team. It simply makes each and every moment worth living.

This year symbolized a big change in my life. I moved out of my nest in Switzerland, a place where I grew up, the very room where I began Kayture and my hometown where I used to wander around after school for long hours to move in the city of Angels. Who would have thought that my very first apartment would be in California, in the very middle of Beverly Hills! I could have only dreamt of such crazy thing to happen. My move to the states was mainly to pursue music and I’ve been having so much fun working with so many amazing artists and developing my sound. I won’t lie. During 2015, I have truly felt like I was leading a double life. At moments, I was feeling so confused because the more I was getting involved in music the more it would take over my heart and energy. I didn’t want to attend all the fashion parties and events anymore… I just wanted to stay in the studio and keep songwriting, keep recording until it was that exact thing I was hearing in my head. I was growing inside, my tastes started changing and I’d gravitate towards a different aesthetic and a different approach to my blogging as well. I didn’t want to post that much anymore, instead I wanted to concentrate my efforts to develop the creativity and depth behind each post. It was so hard for me not to share with you anything music related, nothing of what I’d worked on so incredibly hard for all this time. Even though I gave you hints and you guys knew of course that music was in progress, to this day, fact is : you know nothing about what is truly happening. And this, well I keep it preciously for…2016.

So as I was writing down my resolutions this morning, I thought, well there’s truly nothing I would change. All I want, is just to keep going. To keep living, to keep dreaming, to keep enjoying. Everything that needs to happen will happen, everything that shouldn’t, won’t. If you keep your head focused on where you’re going, you’ll get there no matter what. But enjoying each step of getting there is what’s truly special. To me, nothing would be worth this ride if it was without these moments with my best friend Fiona, if I couldn’t share each accomplishment with James, call my mom each time I need to hear her voice, or share it all with you guys. When I held my book in my hands for the first time, I couldn’t believe everything that we’ve accomplished these last couple of years. And I know deep down that this is only the beginning. I am so proud and happy for it all. We started from scratch and we are building something truly magical and having you guys being a part of this, letting us be a part of your lives and letting us all inspire each other is what I hope to perpetuate in 2016.

So get ready 2016, we’re coming for you.  

Happy New Year my loves.

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