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When it’s been announced that I would become the new ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, I literally couldn’t believe it. Was I misreading something? They must have had something wrong. How did that even happen… It felt way too crazy to be true. I grew up stealing L’Oréal make-up products from my mom’s bathroom cabinet and saving Doutzen’s Vogue pictures in a folder on the desktop of my computer for inspiration. Growing up, I would always go ahead and buy L’Oréal palettes and nail polishes as it was a feeling of luxury but still, at an affordable price. And now, it feels crazy that I am pronouncing these iconic words “Because I am Worth It” just like in the commercials. Am still pinching myself.

When the announcement was made, we were headed towards the end of the fashion month, in Paris. And a few days before that, I received a HUGE and when I say huge I mean enormous bouquet of flowers from Cyril Chapuis, the president of L’Oréal Paris, welcoming me in the team. This was such an incredibly humbling gift… His personal note made me even more excited to join the family and take part in the growth of the brand, aiming to spread a positive, empowering message together with them.

I’ve never been the typical “natural” girl as you would call it. I building a strong, beautiful make-up and it has always been a tool to express my creativity directly on my face. My make-up is the extension of my very own aesthetic and the punctuation to any outfit. I love applying eye liner, some red on lips, drawing a stronger brow… It’s almost like I am projecting on my face these different subtle nuances of my personality to appear directly in my look for people to discover. The beauty industry and cosmetics have always been associated to the words “artificial”, “superficial” but to me it’s magic. It’s colors, shades, textures… It’s  dream and a way to make our Mondays a bit less dull with a touch of blush on our cheeks. Thank got for make-up for making me feel like I still got it on days where I seriously just wanted to hide in my bed or the times when the right make-up, hair style and look just make you feel like you can conquer the world. You just feel invincible.

Of course, embracing your beauty, just the way it is on it’s own, is the most wonderful thing in the world. Make-up, is a tool to pamper, to get creative, to have fun. To feel glamorous, fabulous, extravagant! So when the press release regarding my addition to the team went out public, I literally cried like a little baby. It was such a strong and beautiful moment. All these years of me going to school with so much more make-up that all my girlfriends and everyone mocking me in between classes for my somewhat “superficiality” are now going to be used and turned into a creative expression! Make-up is such a beautiful thing, it’s like a painter’s aquarelle and your face becomes art.

In this shooting, I wanted to show you guys a bold, extravagant look that we created with L’Oréal Paris by using the products from the new #Extravaganza beauty line with an accent on the #FelineLook. So a strong cat eye (like I love them so much) using the SuperStar Eyeliner, big long eye lashes with the Volume Million Lashes mascara, a bronze/smokey palette and of course, a bright red lip from the Color Rich line in 392 Tanzania Rubis. And I am also happy to announce that you guys can win an Extravaganza beauty set allowing you to achieve this look by sharing on Instagram your Extravaganza fierce, feline look with the hashtag #Extravaganza #FelineLook + the tag @Lorealparisofficial for a chance to not only be regrammed by L’Oréal but also the opportunity to win the full gift box! I’ll see you there. xxx





Pictures by Cibelle Levi

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