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Miss dior

Growing up, I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be living in my dreams… What it would feel like to have all these different elements from my imagination materialize right in front of me. On my wildest days, when my thoughts would drift away on an unexpected path, I would imagine myself traveling far, far away from home and discover surreal landscapes and meet people that would teach me important lessons or share with me another approach to life. In my craziest day dreams, I’d then project myself writing a book about all these stories I’d had learned throughout my journey…

It was the day after Christmas. I woke up with a light hearted feeling on my stomach. My alarm clock wasn’t ringing as it’s used to at 7.30am… It was a calm, quiet morning. A holiday morning and for once since ages, I could just stay in bed and not go anywhere. It was almost lunch time and my mom was right next door, in the living room. She was sipping tea while flipping through the pages of a book. And for a moment I forgot that I was 22 and that this was my adult life in Los Angeles, my adult apartment and my mom that came to visit me here… For a moment, I felt like I was 16 again, that it was the winter break in high school and that my mom was waiting for me to wake up to start making breakfast…

I stayed in bed, pretending I was still sleeping when I really wasn’t. So I just kept my eyes closed and mimicked a calm, peaceful, regular breathing. My thoughts started drifting away and I soon began to realize that these dreams I had, of traveling far away, meeting crazy, wild people, being adventurous and telling all about it in a book one day, all  these things were happening at this very moment. It just struck me like thunder and all of a sudden, out of a peak of joy, I began tearing up. As cheesy as it may sound. I wiped my tears off right away thinking “Not gonna cry—again” (yes I’ve been very emotional lately, in the most positive way possible though…I guess it’s just the winter magic and watching “Love Actually” too many times) so while pretending to wake up, I gently leaned and grabbed my phone to open my Instagram and what did I see? All of you guys, tagging my book in your Christmas pictures… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that a part of me was with you on such a magical day of the year. That you might have been celebrating with your family and friends, cozy seated by the fireplaces, while my little head was peeking at you on the cover.

I stood up. Came straight to my mom and gave her a kiss. Until I realized that she was flipping through the pages of my book. So I sat down and we began our endless mother/daughter conversation. “Mom, do you remember what you bought be for Christmas when I was 16?”… Of course she remembered. It was my very first bottle of Miss Dior Cherie. My mom alway knew what a wanderer I was. Always free spirit, like a bird you can’t put in a cage. Sweet on the outside, wild on the inside. “I felt like it was the right time” she said, “I felt like a strong, beautiful, young lady was growing in you… and that it was only the beginning of everything”. It was December 2009 and I was sitting on the floor of our apartment in Switzerland with the fireplace making soft noises in the living room as I was unwrapping the red craft paper of the perfume box. It was my first perfume growing up and right away, I could feel like I was a little Miss Dior Cherie by heart. The sweet notes embodied exactly how I felt and I placed the bottle preciously on my nightstand, perfuming my wrists each morning as I woke up for the year to come.

That spirit, I feel like I have never lost it. And looking back at this incredibly special day in Cannes when we got to film this short clip, it felt like I was living a sweet reminiscence of my teenage years and that this feeling of freshness, of a free light heart always stayed awake and never truly left. I had the tremendous chance to work on this project with one of my closest friends, Justin Wu, who is one of the most talented directors I know. We share such a strong sensitivity for art, visual poetry and especially vision. This whole day, was pure joy (even though we began filming at 4.30am). I hope this video will keep reminding you to always have a young heart, no matter how old you are, to always smile, laugh, be happy, open and embrace each day with the same passion and will to make your dreams come true. Just like when you were 16, or 5, or 10 and that nothing seemed impossible. A huge thanks to Dior for making this happen and for allowing me to channel my little Miss Dior Cherie, just like in my wildest dreams.


Pictures by Alexandra Utzmann

Music by Nick Leng, “Tunnels and Planes”

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