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My loves, just a quick little update as we are packing our stuff, ready and about to leave back to your beloved Paris. It’s a new year and a new fashion week season about to begin, more precisely couture season which is even better…! I cannot wait to share with you all the new looks. My aesthetics and inspirations are perpetually evolving but always centered around a few key components : elegance, simplicity and contrasts. Since a couple of months, my love for black has gone to a completely different level. To a point where I have to literally force myself to pick color pieces from time to time, just so I don’t seem like I’m going to a funeral 24/7. My will to gravitate towards an even edgier, more rock & roll look began end of last year as I decided to cut my bangs and now am completely obsessed with black chokers, metal accents, cut-outs and flare pants (gimme more!).

All of this to say, that I am so excited to share with you a new Couture FW diary, the whole team is flying out to Paris for the occasion and it is going to be a great time. On the other hand, I decided to start a new category on the blog called MOOD and share with you regularly new mood boards in order to portray my range of latest inspiration or pieces I crave to get my hands on. To do so, I use the brand new platform Seezona which is such a gorgeous online community for all lovers of fashion. It allows you to create your own moodboards and so much more. I am glad to partner with them in order to share with you all what moves my heart. Really recommend you guys to try it out and create an account asap, you’ll see it’s gonna get big! You wanna be the first ones to be on it. Enjoy x

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