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The power of seduction

It is undeniable to say that we kicked 2016 in a big way and probably couldn’t have had a better beginning of the year! It isn’t even spring and we already attended the Golden Globes, wrapped up a Couture Fashion week in Paris and scored a new magazine cover for Grazia Netherlands. Our heads have been buzzing with information, new ideas and I feel filled with so much motivation for these next 365 days to come if one unique aim : make them as special and meaningful as possible.

February is here, and spring is slowly showing up. Living in L.A, we sometimes forget that seasons actually exist although I have to admit, our winter this year has been pretty chilly in WeHo. But no complaining, I know what real cold truly is! So being lately back in Europe has been absolutely surreal. It felt unbelievably good to get back together with all my friends, spend some quality time with all of them and just seriously : have a good laugh and let go of some pressure to just enjoy life and have fun. If there is one thing that 2016 is about, is definitely about making memories and spending time with people who enjoy every single second to create unforgettable moments together.

On the other hand, Valentine’s day is also a thing that’s happening. I don’t know about you guys, but I never really celebrated it, however I always thought it was a great opportunity to show some love and care for our beloved ones. It doesn’t necessarily needs to be your partner, it could be your friends or your family members, anybody you feel like you want to show your love to. And well, if you do have a partner to seduce on that special day, then finding the perfect gift is quite a tricky challenge.

There’s nothing more symbolic for me than the scent of a man. Our olfactive memory is so developed and it’s so striking to meet someone with his own signature fragrance, one that you’ll remember any time you get close to it again. Just like a signature look, a scent becomes a continuity of us, a symbol of confidence and a tool for seduction. I had so much fun partnering with Hugo Boss to discover their new fragrance « BOSS The Scent » (#BossTheScent) which is I think one of the sexiest men’s fragrances out there if you ask me… I mean, can we talk about these spicy, musky notes? So if in doubt in regards to what you should get for your boyfriend this 14th of February, I think I just gave you a good hint ;) Enjoy and don’t wait to seduce or get seduced…

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