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If there’s one period of the year that truly feels like a day dream, it’s Coachella indeed. For those of you who ever had the opportunity, and believe me, it is quite a precious luxury to even get ahold of the tickets, to have experienced the festival, you know exactly what I am talking about… But as a matter of fact, before actually hitting the desert for my very first time 3 years ago, I used to dream about it endlessly and look up all the pictures online. Now Coachella has become a real music meets fashion kind of event where influencers and celebrities join to celebrate and well, strut their boho looks all over the field. And thanks to social media, we are all very, very well aware of it. Proof is, even you weren’t there, you could still get a little feel of it with your flower crown dedicated Snapchat filter… Technology right?

If you have a Coachella talk with any Californian, they’ll definitely tell you “what a circus it kind of is now, music isn’t even at the heart of it anymore” fact that they’ll compensate by finally saying “but… it is the best festival, like ever”. So YES, Coachella is basically the desert version of a fashion week now, BUT it is also the coolest music festival I probably have ever been to. And I’ve been to quite a few. Let me explain. First of all, imagine all these amazing creative people coming together in celebration of music, it’s just a bunch of amazing folks jumping up and down to the beat of the music. The energy is insane. The food is, well I can’t even talk about it because it’s just too damn good. The weather, the line up… Think about it, take Disclosure and put all of a sudden Sam Smith on stage… Or Calvin Harris and *surprise* Rihanna just pops in… Or even better, take Travis Scott and suddenly a wild Kanye appears on stage. The crowd just freaks out. Where else would something like that happen in no more than 3 days?

So of course, getting tickets for Coachella became a real hunting thing. Every year, tickets get sold out within minutes and well, most of my european friends kept texting me during the festival “major fomo alert, I sort of hate you right now… please have an açai bowl for me and text me a picture of A$AP performing, thanks”. So needless to say, I was beyond grateful that again this year, I had the chance to make it. And this time again it was with my second american family, my Revolve Fam Bam Wam. Not only did they organize the best party ever where the whole crew got to enjoy toboggan slides, in n’ out burgers, pool side dancing and some incredible artists’s intimate performances, but we also stayed all together in a few houses over in palm springs and got to wear some of the cutest Revolve Outfits.

For me, dressing for a music festival such as Coachella is all about finding a balance between comfort and fun. During the day, there are crazy heat waves in the desert and yet at night, it’s get very cold. Also, your walk to the festival can  be tricky, it’s at least a 20-30min walk with sand and stones so your choice of shoes is crucial. You for sure want to be cute (and trust me some girls, an boys, manage to pull of some crazy sh*t) but believe my experience, when it’s 1am, you’ve danced your butt off and got 30minutes to walk to your shuttle, you definitely want to feel comfortable. So one of my outfits was this flowy, bohemian look with this gorgeous Lovers &Friends star studded skirt. It was perfect even with a little jacket tied to my bag or waist, some sandals and a casual crop top. The skirt is definitely the statement of the look, with that on lock, the rest is easy. I’ll share with you guys the rest of the outfits in the next few day. Meanwhile, we got a few other surprises coming. Sending you my love x

Shot by Cibelle Levi

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