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L’air d’un temps

Finally back in Los Angeles after spending almost a month cruising through Europe and particularly Paris… what a blast it was to be able to walk around these beautiful streets and have a croissant each morning. Needless to say that I got my daily dose of litterature and brought back a bit too many books. Although I was happy that for once my bagage overweight was not due to excess clothing. It’s all for the culture! Paris has been a treat, it felt good to see all our friends and enjoy some creative, inspiring time. I got to hang in the studio, and wander around in Le Marais, get lost and find new cafés and restaurants where to brunch. Thanks to one of my dear friends, I’ve recently discovered a burning love for matcha. Paris would have been the last place I would have thought of when it comes to matcha consumption but hey, we found the cutest matcha café in le Marais called Umami with some of the sickest matcha cookies.  E-ve-ry-thing. Ok moving on!

Now I am back in Cali-california, under the hot sun and the sweet air… as I look out by the window I see the palm trees rising to the sky and nothing could make me happier than that. I’m back in town to get some work done in the studio. Working on the album people, work, work, workiin. So far, so good. Doing this project has been so satisfying, challening, amazing… When I make music it’s probably when I feel the happiest. I’m letting it all go, letting it all out for the sake of art and of creating something new. A new unique vision that hopefully will resonate. All this moving around and travel is for sure exhausting but so incredibly inspiring with life exeprieces that I fill into my songs. I am excited however to settle down for a bit and move a bit less to really be able to concentrate and especially write some stories without interruption due to a plane to catch.

So guess what, my suitcases are officially unpacked and stored away, I’m in my sneakers sitting on my couch and maan, I can’t take that smile of my face. No matter how much I love to travel, to get lost, to feel wild and free like a bird, there’s no place like home. There’s no feeling like being home, in your little nest and nurture these little things you’ve put together. One thing’s missing though, my girl Fiona couldn’t come back to L.A with me this time. We’re still finishing her visa and for now she’s got to stay in Europe for a while, work on her DJing and on other personal projects. So of course, we keep texting each other non stop, from the moment we said goodbye to each other in Paris to when my plane laded, our brains are connected. Is it kind of freaky?

With all of this being said, I’m happy to share with you a casual serie of images that Fiona actually shot of we me while we were out and about in Paris. For the occasion, I wanted to show you two looks as I’ve just recently received these two gorgeous bags from Monnier Frère as part of my latest collab with them. Hope you guys saw my wishlist selection on their website, so many stunning pieces, it’s worth taking a look at. Anyway I have to say, I’ve been wearing these two gems non stop from the moment I got them. The first one is this gorgeous Proenza Schouler white bag, I love the silver metal beads that embelish the bag and add a very playful yet modern twist to it. The other one by Jerome Dreyfus, a.k.a Isabel Marrant’s partner, looks to me like the perfect bag of “Une Parisienne” with it’s camel shade and golden strap. It feels very Jane Birkin, kind of 60ies to me, perfect for a day of running errands when you need to keep all your lucky charms by your side while on the go! Enjoy babes xx

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