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Do you ever wonder “did I change? or is the whole world around me all of a sudden different?”. I am the first one to always claim that our state of mind is key in any situation and that one can live many lives all in one just by shifting the very point of perspective. But understanding that doesn’t always necessarily allow you to experience these different perspectives just so easily. If it was that easy to put our minds to something, we’d all be terribly successful and on top of all our wildest dreams. And yet somehow, we tend to struggle to find the right approach to things. Because being told that the laws of attraction evolve around the idea that you attract the energy you put out there is a great step forward, but it’s not paving the entire path. The path has of course challenging obstacles that lie inevitably within the way, and these are mainly cause by our very own mind.

If it is well known that we are always best served by our own selves, or that it’s better to be alone than poorly accompanied, well then let me tell you something :  we are also our own biggest enemy. Because our minds are endlessly processing information, coping with everyday situations, forcing our heads to analyze and question each details, thus tricking us into putting question marks under each uncertainty. Luckily, we do have our minds to save us from delusional behaviors. But how come we are the ones to stop our own selfs from achieving greatness? Let’s not play victims for a second. The world, society, work, these are all contextual circumstances. Fact is, we really have a choice in almost everything in life. Which makes it pretty simple : we truly make what we want out of it. So what keeps us all away from leading the life of our dreams? Don’t we have all the keys, aren’t we aware of all the theories? Haven’t we read all the books and listened to all the motivational speeches?

Understanding is one. Acting is the other and it is the hardest. While it is comforting to dream about our own future successful self while preparing our strategy comfortably seated on the couch, the whole world is moving and buzzing with innovations and progress being achieved each minute. We are so many on this planet, what if somewhere, there’s someone experiencing the same thing as you and actually gets up from that couch and decides to actually go and act on it without waiting any longer? There’s simply a point when one needs to go for it. And it might be hard to understand where to begin with or what even to do, but any small action, any little thing will get you closer to where you want to be eventually. Wether it’s the tinniest action or something more important, each one of them will cumulate and eventually result in new opportunities.

Taking action is so hard because our minds are so full of contradictions, fears, doubts. Luckily, most of us have the ability to questions ourselves. Ability that usually helps us to avoid awkward situations or making stupid mistakes. Sadly this ability often tends to overlap with our confidence and trust in our own actual talent. Because what is talent? Who decides that we’re talented, smart, beautiful? We all look for a validation somewhere out there, whether it’s through our friends, love or work, the idea of receiving society’s or the the industry’s stamp is extremely comforting and reassuring. But truly, the only one who’ll determine how good you are is yourself. Not just by believing it with all your heart, but also by working on it. Because we truly can make what we want out of ourselves and this is the magic of life. The options are infinite and there’s always hope. Always.

Don’t close any doors, don’t pull yourself down, stop blaming the world for things you wish but can’t have. Everything you want is already in your hands if you believe it and do what it takes to get it. This is just a little healthy reminder for all of you loves out there to never give up and never stop trusting yourself. We all have a gift inside and it would be such a waste if we didn’t use it. We’re all so unique with so much to offer, each of us differently. So enlighten the world with your power, and trust me we all have one. As I already mentioned previously, I write rarely now, only when I really feel like it. Believe me, no matter what you do or where you are in your life, doubts and fears will always come through. But keep in mind that you rule your own mind and you can shut off anything negative in just a second as much as you can pull yourself up anytime and kick your own butt. Isn’t it so reassuring to know that? To know that no matter what, you’ll always be there for yourself. That you’ll never let yourself down? Have this faith in you and ne-ver lose it. It is the most precious force that’ll take you so far and bring so much good on your path. It’s a contagious force that will surely help others that encounter you on the way. So keep sharing the goodness.

I know it sounds more simple that it is. But it truly isn’t complicated. It is simply a state of mind and the idea of refusing any negative thoughts. Not being sorry for being who you are. Following your heart and working to succeed. It’ s spreading something positive and being ambitious without being selfish either. It’s doing good, not just to do good to your own self, but also to the world by sharing with people the best of yourself. Which is a gift that we’d all like to receive, positive vibes are the most attractive, appealing and uplifting ever. So take a second to re-evalutate your thought process and diminish your negativity by half and then get rid of it completely. It doesn’t mean being dumb, naive or delusional. It simply means aiming for the best. Because why settle for less? We only have one life. Don’t waste it on abstract obstacles.

I am currently writing this article from Tokyo, by the way guys, huge Tokyo guide coming through in a few days! This trip has been truly incredible. So inspiring with so many unbelievable experiences. Can’t wait to share it all with you and some of the best tips to discover this incredibly city. It’s 4 am here and I can’t sleep, my brain is rushing with thoughts and ideas and I wanted to talk to you all so bad because I miss y’aaall. Also… I was so excited to share with you this new set of images that Cibelle and I shot while we were in Paris at Les Bains. Les Bains is one of my favorite boutique hotels ever, it has that David Lynch movie vibe that I am absolutely in love with. By the way, for the ones who are really bright, you might have already noticed that it is the room where we filmed the Mugler video. I love going back to my favorite places. This time I’m back in this series of images inspired by classic movie film stills. The idea was to channel a retro aesthetic, inspired by the old school cinema era. Cibelle’s skill are just growing so fast, it’s always such an incredible pleasure to work with her and see her work expanding so much. I hope you guys will enjoy this set, can’t wait to hear back on it. x

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