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My sweet loves… I hope you are doing well, it’s been a while since I last sat and laid down a few lines. And I missed it so much. So I’m back. Time has been rich and busy, intense then tranquil, changing incessantly as it always does. I’ve been working like a mad horse, focusing on a lot of projects separate from the blog. Which made me realize in fact how much our current connectivity has changed the way we live, behave, perceive time and especially the efforts we are willing to commit to in regards to so many things. It seems like the fast pace we live actives an auto pilot mode in our brain at times, “living life on a fast lane“. Focusing on a movie or even reading a book becomes  hard. We are so used to do everything quickly, efficiently, get information in a second, consuming in one click, even connecting with people is a matter of a swipe now. But we all know that you can’t grow flowers overnight. It takes time to cultivate a garden, and what I mean by that is that the important things in life usually take a lot of time. Whether it comes to work or even relationships.

I’ve been surprised at what fast pace my blog grew when I first started it. Everything was so instant, action / reaction. The time spent between the content creation and the moment it was actually shared was almost non existant as I could post everything within the day. Isn’t it the dream for any content creator? To have fast connectivity with it’s audience and be able to share freely at any times? This is why I still love blogging, this freedom is priceless. However, as much as I try to elevate my content and use the digital tools to curate meaningful projects, I crave going back to the roots and making something out of my life that isn’t just based on a digital currency. All these numbers might be very appealing, but is it really what defines us as creators? I’ve talked with you guys many times about music and it’s been years now that I’ve been quietly working on it on the side. And by quietly I mean that I don’t share lots about it although I work on it like crazy as it is the priority in my life at the moment. A lot is happening and I am hoping to be able to give you news soon. I’ve also been working secretly on another endeavor but this I’ll only be able to mention later on… Until then shh.

Working on music, the commitment it requires, the depth, the development, the reflexions, is such a long, intense, highly intorspective process that it impacted my approach to anything I do and my general approach to life. The keyword I keep repeating to myself these past couple of months is : patience. And patience is so hard to acquire. It is a mental discipline, a lot of efforts but the results are so worth the wait. I guess I just want to take the time, to not only create things that I truly love and believe in but also to create what can outgrow my own self and become in some way a selfless creation. It’s a hard thing to do as art is such a personal thing and it’s impossible as an artist to completely separate from it’s own creations. But I guess my wish is to create something that doesn’t apply to just today or tomorrow, to just myself or my circle, to my life or to what I know. It’s digging deeper into the core of each emotion and to the roots of life in general and it’s universal mechanisms. So I’ve been slowing down my approach to everything, to take better distance, to look at things differently, and see beauty where I didn’t before. Letting work speak for itself is my goal in any way. And if anything, if I could release my music without my name on it, perhaps I even would. Though, it’s not something I really want to do as I’ve grown so much with you all and want you to be a part of this new journey.

Visually, I’ve also been on quite some exploration. I dived so much into cinema, vintage photography, literature. I simply can’t stop exploring all the wonderful libraries and vintage boutiques in Saint Germain and feeding my soul with visions from La Belle Epoque… The pictures I am sharing with you today are perhaps a bit cheeky indeed, but take them with a grain of salt. I wanted to create a series of pictures celebrating sensuality and feminity, with somewhat of that old school, retro allure that Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor carried. I love to show and to see a bit of skin. It seems like sexuality is such a taboo at times in our society when some of the strongest images ever created are in fact nudes, whether it’s Renaissance paintings or Helmut Newton. The human body is art, and should be celebrated. Cibelle was the perfect person to capture this highly glamorous bath moment at the Beverly Hills hotel in L.A, thanks again to their whole team for making this experience so great. I hope you guys will enjoy this editorial and that it’ll make you wanna take a bubble bath too… Xx

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