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First and foremost, happy new year my dear friends. As always, and we all know so needless to say but I’ll say it anyway : time flies too quickly doesn’t it? And even though, since we can’t slow it down, or stop it (if anyone knows the opposite hit me up, a bit of time travelling is something that definitely rings my bell) let’s enjoy and make the  most of each passing moment. Because a memory is eternal in the end, isn’t it? It lives in our mind forever. So I am wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May 2018 be the year of light within the dark, of passion in the rain, of sparks dancing round the flames. May 2018 bring you all you wish for, and may your wishes be filled with good, and may your good be whole and come from the right place : from your heart and not your brain, or your ego. May you forget about what the rest of the world think or says, be you, celebrate your inner self, let it shine through and make the most out of if. May you contribute to the world what’s best you have to offer, to make the world a better place itself. And may this sharing make all our lives a happier place to be, where we feel free and not confined within politically correct opinions, capitalistic ambitions and hypocritical speeches where words and actions contradict themselves. May your actions reflect your truest, purest beliefs. May you find the strength to go deep down to the core of your own self to find this truth, to find that light, and let it out. May you nurture your garden, plant your seeds and grow them all throughout this year. And if the seeds are already planted, I hope that 2018 will grow for you the most beautiful flowers, the result of all your efforts and hard work.

I believe that our duty in this world is to determine what defines us and define our life by what makes our heart rush, our brains react, our skin shiver. Finding what makes us passionate to the bone is a reason big enough to keep going. Nurturing it and sharing it with the world is the way to touch people one step at a time. But to do this, you have to dig deep within yourself and not be afraid. So many of us are scared of our own darkness, are scared to open certain doors within ourselves out of fear that it might release demons, ghosts, doubts and more… But how can you truly know yourself if you don’t explore every room and corner within yourself ? Even the darkest ones that you are scared of. If you never make peace with every aspect of yourself, you will never truly be whole. Integrity is the work of a lifetime. It’s saying no at a certain point to collecting the rewards if it comes from a system you disagree with, it’s trying to live a life elegantly, gracefully, letting your actions speak for themselves, never react with anger or cruelty but instead showing your position through graceful statements. How public opinion defines success isn’t necessarily what makes us truly happy : having a lot of money? Being famous? Having a lot of followers on social media? Is that how we define living a great, full life? Is that how we truly measure achievement?

I think success should be measured by integrity, people who make their purpose to follow their dreams, even if that means choosing a route that general mass won’t assume as dream worthy. Because if your dream is to be a baker and open your pastry shop and make the best damn bread in your whole country, while your family wants you to be a lawyer and defines success and achievement by a law degree and stable income, then I define success someone who chooses his passion instead. Even if the path involves more struggle than the one who’ll get the impressive title but no personal gratification.  It is so hard to emancipate from public opinion and accept what we truly are and what we truly want. There will always be people trying to place us on the chess board, trying to advice us to do things that often simply don’t feel right. But it does feel validating to please public opinion, even if that means becoming something you are not. It somehow feel easier to let others define the meaning of our life than defining it ourselves… So we become the characters playing a role in our own life, to make our friends and family happy, to make them proud perhaps? But how can we do that if we, ourselves, are not proud of our own selves.

So it’s about listening to this voice in our head, the one that’s sometimes contradictory, and yet try to view this contradiction as a wish to balance, and follow it towards what feels truly good. But how do we know what’s good? How do we define good? What if what makes you feel good is murdering people? Should you keep doing that? Well, definitely NOT. Your passion should make you come to life, it should be even bigger than you. It’s almost like your passion is so great that you’re ready to put yourself aside to serve it. It should be so big, so great, that it’s the purest form of love, of you giving your best without waiting anything in return. Because you’re not in it to collect the rewards, you’re in it to share what’s best you have inside, to almost in a way make the world better around you. To share and spread that light. And of course, when we share a part of ourselves that way, there’s nothing more gratifying than witnessing positive reactions and appreciation. How terrible is it to receive praise for something we don’t support or believe in, how quick and dangerous it is to get sucked into a vicious circle of feeding a machine we hate and are afraid of quitting out of fear of loosing everything. Remember : you always have a choice. You really do. No matter where you come from or who you are. You really do. It’s just a matter of what you are ready to do to emancipate yourself from your prisons, are you ready for the struggle, are you ready to start from the bottom again, are you ready to justify yourself constantly, explain yourself incessantly, are you ready for the looks of those who don’t understand, the looks of those who don’t agree, are you ready for incessant sleepless nights, are you ready to meet your truest self? If the answer is still yes, then you are doing the right thing. Because your dream, your passion should be above all this. How can we do good to others if we aren’t doing good to ourselves?

We often feel trapped by society, trapped by our governments, but truly we are often most terribly trapped by our own selves, setting so many limits within our own minds, saying no to our own freedom out of fear of often society’s opinion. So we hide within our own selves from others, and sometimes we even hide from ourselves so to speak. How hard it is to truly know ourselves, to truly accept ourself as a whole with every single little facette, to make peace with it all and let go of the pressures. How hard also it is to be indulgent towards others on their journey towards acceptance. Because we all make mistakes, and we are all so afraid of making them and having eyes to judge them that we become afraid of acting at all.

So let go of it all in 2018, yes be a little selfish : do yourself some good. And trust me those around you will say thank you in the end because you’ll come towards them stronger, wiser, better, ready to lift them up higher with all your love and caring generosity. It is beautiful to share our journey with our beloved ones when we all aim towards our best selves, and live our truest, wildest dreams, hopes and passions. Don’t ever abandon them. Don’t ever think it’s childish to dream, don’t ever think that you loving to paint when you were 8 was just a kid’s little thingy, re-connect with your inner child, because that was the time when you were probably the most honest with yourself, when there was no boss, no society, no system to tell you what is right, what is wrong, what to say, who to be, how to dress, how to think, how to live. Your inner child just wanted to have fun, just wanted to make mom and dad proud (and mess with them a bit), your inner child just wanted to follow it’s instincts and never for a single second thought he wasn’t good enough for something. We have the tools, our minds are stronger and more powerful than what we might think… Stop building your own prison. Let yourself free.


Lots of love, joy, good health and adventures to you all my loves for this year to come. Let’s make it great.


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