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A day in geneva with ebel

Pictures by James Vyn

UTILITY AND FASHIONAs a swiss, I’ve always kept a very special bond with watches, it is in my culture and I’ve grew in an enviroment where watches have a high importance in daily life. You might not see me wear a lot of them in my articles, but actually everytime I’m working, I need to have my watch on to stay organised. I feel like it’s so much more authentic than looking up the time on the phone, it’s really a quality piece that can be super fashionable as well, just like in this case!

I am super excited to talk to you about this new project with Ebel, as it is one of those brands that I absolutely love. They are very discrete, but yet the quality of their watches is incredible, so working with their team is definitely great for us and we can’t wait to share the experience with you! They were kind enough to let me choose a piece from their line and incorporate it in my daily life, this model is called ”Ebel X-1, 34mm in white ceramic” and will be launched this week at the Baselworld in Basel, one of the world’s biggest watch fair held in Switzerland. So follow me through a day in Geneva, luckily I had my watch to keep me up on time on all the meetings ;)


2PM We’re in Geneva, ready for a fun day in town
2.30PM Little make-up retouch before hopping on the first meeting with a clothing boutique located downtown
4PM Time to enjoy a little capuccino at the Four Seasons hotel, they have one of the best views in town!
6PM Ending the day with some delicious macarons on the go with my love James
HAT : H&M Icons
WATCH : Ebel
COAT : Outerwear by Me
SHOES : Zara
PANTS : Guess by Marciano
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