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Choo 24:7 – stylemakers

Pictures by James Vyn

A WEEK-END IN PARADISEAs you guys might know, weather swings are the most common thing in Switzerland. A couple of days ago we were still in the middle of winter, and there I was hanging out in my faux fur coat with tights under the pants. Now during this week-end, it almost felt like summer! Wait a minute, it was summer : +25°! What is wrong with you weather, couldn’t you be more predictable?

Of course, we were happy like little kids as we woke up and saw the sun. We decided that spending the week-end in Montreux would be the best decision ever as we’re kinda pissed off that we’re not in L.A for Coachella. So we definitely needed something to change our minds and make us feel like in hot California. We took advantage of the amazing landscape to shoot the first shots of the Choo 24:7 Style Makers campaign held by Jimmy Choo and I wore these amazing laced up beauties for the occasion, any thoughts?

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PLAYSUIT : Love Clothing
BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
NECKLACE : Lulu Frost
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