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Pictures by James Vyn

+ FACTS First of of all, James and I want to thank you guys for the amazing reactions and messages regarding the ”Ten Facts, Ten Hats” video. We were thinking about a cool concept for weeks, we didn’t want to simply throw out some information out there, it was so important for us to make something fun. Anyway there were a lot of questions concerning the languages I speak, so an explanation might be good. I was born in Belarus, Minsk. Then moved to the US (Kentucky) and lived there for two years. Yet I am living in Switzerland (french part) since I am seven. So honestly, I don’t even know which language I speak the best as I speak english at work and with you, french with my friends and boyfriend and finally russian with all my family!

Concerning the look of the day, as you might have noticed the weather  in Switzerland has been a real delight these past couple of days. And when it gets sunny, I want to dress up all cool and effortless, this look was a real blast to sport. I enjoyed wearring it so much : super comfy yet perfect if a littly spring wind shows up. Also I am rad about my new Acne Studios shirt (you can find it here), seriously such a perfect cut and colour. Love it!

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BLAZER : Zara (old collection)
PANTS : Guess By Marciano ( best cut I’ve ever tried)
SHOES : Even & Odd
SHIRT : Acne
BAG : Jimmy Choo
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