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My honey spots!

LET’S GET PLAYFULLYay, Saturday post! There aren’t many right? I usually love to take my week-end off the computer and spend some quality time with my friends and family. But today, I just felt like writing something! As you may know we had this really fun collaboration going on with Marc Jacobs, a really creative (and in all honestly adorable) project going on around the release of their new fragrance ”Honey”. So the idea was to share with you guys some of my favourite ”spots” through Instagram, whether it’s a place or something in particular. So it was a little adventure through my lovely #mjhoneyspots

We got the chance to spend a couple of days in Switzerland before leaving to Barcelona next week and then start the big fashion week season, so all the pictures have been made in my beloved country. The landscapes are always so beautiful that I though : this would be a perfect Honey Spot. A place where you feel full, happy, living life at a 100% and enjoying every single second. And I love how Marc Jacobs’s fragrance always have so much fun and joy in them, with this quirky little touch of humour hidden in the scents but also and more obviously in the designs. A really nice projects that I loved sharing with you folks! And of course, feel free to join the fun and share your honey spots using the hashtag, check out the website for more info by clicking here :)

The swiss landscape, such a peacefull and relaxing view.
One of my favourites places for lunch, brunch, and tea treats. The BG café in Geneva, a perfect place to rest in the middle of a work or shopping day!
Home is my peacefull place, where I like to relax and pamper for the next adventures!
Receiving some flowers at my doorstep! A big surprise, and now I have the most amazing scent in my room.
The ”Jet D’eau”  of Geneva, a lovely spot to relax, enjoy the view and have some ice creams while getting a little tan,
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