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Arrival in new york (schullin wien jewels)

Okay so I honestly don’t even know how I survived the flight to New York as I was still completely sick, with my stomach burning and head turning… But guess what… I’m back in town!!! So happy that we made it even though I’m not on top of my game right now, planning to take these couple of fashion weeks days very easy and in a relax kind of mode instead of our usual running arounds, jumping from meetings to meetings, shows and shows non stop. We’re here to enjoy first and foremost.

I was so excited to share with you guys these first images that we shot a couple of hours ago at our hotel, the Standart High Line. I felt in love with the view and the very minimalistic ambiance of the room and so of course picked out a total white look for the day which I paired with some of my new jewelry pieces (ring/earrings/cuff) from an absolutely adorable online shop I just discovered called Boulesse.

You know how much I love sharing with you niche informations, online shops that are really worth checking out, well it’s the perfect example. And to be totally honest, it’s much more than just an e-commerce page, you discover some of Vienna’s most established boutiques and heritage shops (some of them dating back to 1702!!!) (and some absolutely gorgeous home decoration that I am obsessed with, need to get my hands on some pieces asap), I was amazed by Vienna since the very first time we came during our trip with Omega.

In this article I am wearing some incredible Schullin Wien jewels that I picked out from the shop. I was so excited when I received my little parcel at home all wrapped up like little treasure. The brand is truly something, I love how it combines the art of design with the art of craftsmanship (all those little details are insane). The founder himself works with some young designers from the Viennese University of Applied Arts to create these super fresh and sophisticated pieces and the company even won several prizes. Worth checking it out!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day as we have a packed up schedule in NY! Make sure to stay updated guys, can’t wait to share with you all our experience :)


TOP : Topshop

PANTS : Mango

JEWERLY : Shullin Wien  (ring/earrings/cuff)

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