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An adventure through shanghai


Before the official start of fashion month (drum roll!!! it’s getting intense) I still have some images to share with you from our marvelous trip in Shanghai with Montblanc. I was very happy to be back in China, even though for only a couple of days, as it felt like last time we didn’t have the opportunity to explore as much as we wanted to. Not that we fully did this time, but it seems like every time we come back, we discover something more and more about the culture and this huge vibrant city that is Shanghai.

That day we explored one of the main shopping roads with all it’s colorful shops and panels covered with symbols I had the pleasure to admire. I felt like a tiny bird surrounded by so many moving things, people everywhere, lines of customers waiting, shops filled with tiny little Chinese delicacies that I was super curious to try and a language barrier that made it very hard for us to communicate with everybody. We’re not in Switzerland!

One thing I love doing when I travel is to come up to local people and ask them where to go or what are the cool places in the area. This time, it’s was completely different as most of the people only spoke Chinese and no single word of english. After all why should they? We should probably learn their language in fact as it’s such a massive market.

That day, I had the honor to wear some fine jewels from Montblanc’s new woman’s wear Bohemian collection. Very thin and delicate, these silver pieces were so nice for a casual day out exploring the city. Super versatile, modern and playful they completed the look quite efficiently. Now the watch is really my biggest crush, an iconic piece you simply can’t get enough of. You guys know how much I value watch craftsmanship. Being from Switzerland, we’re surrounded by such an industry that paying attention to the detail becomes automatic. And this piece, with it’s leather bracelet and rose gold finishing is simply a dream to wear. Hope you guys enjoy the images!


TOP : Zara

JEANS : Rag & Bone

BAG : Louis Vuitton

SHOES : Chanel

WATCH : Montblanc

JEWELRY : Montblanc

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