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Hey there sugar cubes! Hope you guys enjoyed the last article about our trip to Tulum, Mexico with Lovers & Friends because we’re back today with a whole new outfit and whole new shoot! I just landed back in Geneva from a super short trip in Greece where we were invited to attend the opening of one of Athen’s biggest Haute Couture’s brand Prêt A Porter line. It was such a crazy couple of days as we learned that we’d be flying over less than 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

Indeed, Fiona, James and I have been spending some time in Switzerland, working, shooting new projects, filming and catching up with some of our close partners. Ever since we came back in Europe form the States, it’s been a non stop “Go, go, go”, needless to say that it’s been months since we had a proper week-end…! But honestly, we really can’t complain, things are going so well, we’re so passionate and grateful about every single thing we do, it feels great to surf of such a high and exciting wave. We don’t want to slow down!

As we were in Gstaad shooting a digital campaign for one of my favorite brands, we received the offer to fly to Greece and so we decided to just go ahead and do it. Wake up call at 4.30am, rushing in the middle of the night down the mountains, straight to the airport. And it was totally worth it. The trip was so much fun! I had the chance to wear some of the most incredible dresses ever and shoot with a super talented photographer. Not to mention that it felt so amazing to be back in a warm environment. I’ve been missing the cool weather of L.A so much! Even though Switzerland in winter is magical, I have to admit, I’m really not that into bone freezing winds. I like it only if I’m inside, by a fire place with a book and hot tea hehe.

Can’t wait to show you the result of our shoot in Athen. Meanwhile, like I mentioned, we’re already back and after this short fashion focused break, I can’t wait to get back into music and settle down a little bit to write new content and compose new songs. This weather feels so appropriate as I hope to spend a bit more time in. There’s nothing better than spending it in front of a piano with a notebook and a pen writing down all your thoughts and letting it all go. I’ve been reading so much poetry lately, willing to get inspired and just clean a little bit my head from all the thoughts to just let it go in order to create the most organic, and pure content possible. It’s a bit of a challenge for such a big control freak like me ;)

So in remembrance of the hot weather of Mexico, I am happy to share with you these images we shot in Tulum right after a delicious breakfast we enjoyed with the Lovers & Friends and Revolve crew. We were sitting right by the beach and I couldn’t stop starring at this breathtaking view. We knew that it was the perfect location for a shoot. I have to say it was a bit tricky to climb up these rocks, especially in a pencil skirt and sleek Wang sandals, but so worth it isn’t it? Hope you guys can feel what a peaceful and serene moment it was when we were up there. The fresh air of the sea, the salt in the hair… Feeling overwhelming freedom with every single, unique breath.


TOP : Lovers & Friends 

SKIRT : Tula Rosa Label 

SHOES : Alexander Wang

BACKPACK : Stella McCartney 

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