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#kaytips : all i want for christmas is…

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing very well, I’m personally doing very very well, because.. Because Christmas is next week!!!! I love this period of the year, I mean, warm blankets, hot chocolates, Jude Law’s british accent on “Holidays”, family time, snowy swiss landscapes and wrapping gifts for my folks. I am a very last-minute-gift-finder kind of girl so I thought it would be the perfect occasion to do a little Christmas Gift Ideas so for those (and I know there’s a lot of you guys reading this right now ;) ) who need to find the perfect gift for next week.




 A   S T Y L I S H   B O O K


There’s nothing like a beautiful book that he will exhibit on his bedroom or coffee table, I found two very cool ones online; the first one from Taschen, “Architecture! Now!” is all about new dramatic residences around the world, if your brother, dad, boyfriend, hubby is into architecture, it’s the perfect gift because it’s something that will last and that’s very good looking! The other one is “70s Concept Cars” from TeNeues, radical and original car designs starting in the late 60s.


A  S C E N T E D   D E S I G N   C A N D L E


Candles doesn’t sound that exciting for most people, but if the concerned person is sensitive to make his everyday a little bit more luxurious. Believe me, a design, amazingly scented candle from a very stylish brand will be the perfect gift like this one from Le Labo or if he’s into nature, wild life (or Into the Wild movie-lover) This Scents of Land wood & figs will be on point.


I don’t know why but there’s something really hot about leather gloves (Jude Law, get out of my head) and classy, right? Might be something british (I’m into british these days, their accent.. I-cant-even). Leather gloves like these from Dents is the ultimate classy gift in my opinion, I can imagine the guy driving his car in the snow or just being ridiculously good looking while trying to keep his hands warm. There’s this huge trend about backpack as well, I found this one from Montblanc online and I fell in love with, minimalistic chic you say?



We love boys that take care of themselves, I particularly find this “Barber Shop” trend very cool, it’s all about the beard! So when I found this elegant Dr Harris shaving set, I was like “Oh my! It’s this” If you’re on a lower budget, this “Gentleman Grooming Kit” from Aesop with a face cleanser, hydrating cream, shaving serum, spray-on moisturizer and lip cream, everything he needs! Also, this Hair Paste from Sachajuan, I heard from some of my male friends it’s one of the best on the market and it’s not too expensive. And to finish on a very good note, an obsessively good perfume, I’m talking Mister Marvelous from Byredo here.

 D E T A I L S

It’s all about the details, right? A silk pocket square is the perfect gift for your stylish beloved, I love this one from Paul Smith. On a more useful note, you never have enough cardholder so get him one packed with a lot of attitude like this Balenciagas! If you want something that he’ll wear on a daily basis, this leather bracelet from Miansai is the perfect deal. Stylish but very wearable. And one of the masterpiece of this list for me: these sleek Bowers & Wilkins headphones, he will never leave home without again.



If you thought girls are the more nuts about shoes you were wrong… I have friends that literally collect them, it’s like an obsession… And don’t you dare walk on them by mistake! So I’m so much into the Valentino high top sneakers, they’re so minimalistic yet perfect for an off-duty look (they do them for girls as well, so you know) And if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with Nike Rosherun 





A girl never have enough beauty products or accessories. For exemple, KORA, the beauty organics products by Miranda Kerr is such a must-have, (if somebody from my family is reading this, I ran out of her amazing cleanser), on the same page we have Eve Lom, one of Kristina and I favorite beauty brand. They do little travel pack which is the best because your skin tend to freak out when you travel! On the accessories side, I just tried Artis Brushes and believe me, every girl would be delighted and amazed by these brushes, it’s the perfect way to have the most flawless make-up ever! Revolutionary! And I’m sure you’ve heard about Foreo LUNA, it applies pulsations that cleans your skin deeply and soflty for a firmer, clearer and more radiant-looking complexion. This one was on my “Dear Santa…” list!






It’s not a surprise, we love pouch, jewelry boxes, beautiful leather agendas…We love to be organized in style. So I made a little selection on the best finds online. First, this lovely jewelry box from Smythson, it comes in different colors and I mean… Look at it, it’s a dream! Or this “In flight travel case” from Anya Hindmarch is divine! About the agenda, we love this tiny one from Smythson again and if we’re talking about a “I-only-use-googleagenda” person, she won’t say no to the “Live, Love, Laugh” perfect notebook. If she’s a traveler, she will love the leather travel travel set.




Y O U   C A N ‘ T   G O   W R O N G



There’s a few things a girl always need, secure choices that will make her happy no matter what. We’re talking Black Leather Sandals here, like these timeless Saint Laurent or a cashmere sweater, we’ll always need one, this camel one from Joseph is the perfect piece. Same for a beautiful and delicate ring, who would say no? We never have enough of these babes! Obviously, we couldn’t close the list without a little black shoulder bag, like this one from Mulberry. Timeless



B O O K S & C A N D L E S

Same rule that for the boys, you never have enough beautiful books or deliciously scented candles, it brings so much cachet to a piece. Here’s a little selection of books that looks amazing inside-out: Attitude from Chloé or Decade for something fashionably arty or The Little Black Jacket for a real classic! Concerning the candles, there’s no limit to our love. Currently I have a complete obsession on Byredo!

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