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We arrived in Paris a couple of days ago for a crazy round of fashion shows. PFW, get ready to get your butt kicked by the #KayTeam! We all arrived in force, James, Fiona and I, after surviving our flues, viruses and so on… Honestly, I can’t describe my degree of happiness to feel human again after a long lasting zombie state… These last couple of days, laying, dying in my bed were absolutely terrible. I couldn’t do anything, move, eat or properly sleep. So to be now all of a sudden in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, attending some of my favorite shows, hanging out with some close friends and wearing tons of mind blowing outfits seems like total paradise.

Today, I am excited to share you a few looks I’ve flew in with me from L.A! Just because we all need a little bit of fresh breeze in the beginning on March… I recently discovered the brand Bardot and I’ve had the chance to partner up with them to show you guys three different dresses that are going to be perfect for this spring summer season. I think we can all agree that these dresses are super cute, sexy and easy to wear. From a brunch with friends, to a cocktail party or even a day by the pool with friends, these pieces will look absolutely awesome. I personally would go for a cool event, with a beautiful smokey eye and some cool jewelry.

The great news is… Bardot is launching their collection at Bloomingdales! So if you guys are huge fans of the brand you can already head to the website to check out all the pieces and get your shopping done! I know I have already a good amount of essentials ready with these beauties on board. Let me know what you think about these looks and which one is you favorite? Very curious to hear your feedback.

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