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In nyc with eddie borgo x target

There are so many truly precious moments that we need to embrace and cherish, learn to notice as they appear in our lives. For me, some of my most memorable experiences throughout not only my career but life in general, they have been the ones where I have been surrounded by my dear friends and family, just exchanging laughs, thoughts, having conversations about life, love, work and dreaming together about the limitless possibilities that our days are filled with if we choose to pay attention. Summer is here, and we can definitely feel it. I mean, all my clothes are intensely sticking to my skin as I walk by the hot streets of West Hollywood. And needless to say I wasn’t expecting such extreme heat when I landed in New York!

We arrived in town as I was about to host a really exciting event and one of the first ones I’ve ever really done this way. You know how when it comes to fashion weeks, fashion parties, it’s all about these HUGE events, the lines, the waiting, the photo calls and endless queues at the bar… well it was nothing like it this time. I had the opportunity to invite a close circle of friends to come over to the Sixty Hotel in Soho, NY to celebrate one of my favorite jewelry designers, Eddie Borgo and the launch of his new collection for Target! I can’t even describe how relaxing and fun it was to be gathered all together.

We first kicked of the evening by sipping cocktails and having sushis while overlooking the city view from the Penthouse’s rooftop where the event was being held. Lucky us, we even got the craziest sunset ever which got us all very emotional (maybe it was the wine too…!!!). I loved seing some of my friends meet for the very first time and bond over silly conversations about boys, wine and our love for sushis. Yes, these were our main conversation topics and well I can tell you it got very deep! We then kicked of a big session of jewelry making as this is the very concept of Eddie’s new line which is all customizable.

I loved meeting him as I person and hearing him talk about his work with so much positive energy and passion! We all sat down and our our little jewelry displays in front of us, ready to create the coolest pieces possible. From bracelets, to earrings, to actual cuffs : the sky is the limit. I kind of felt like I felt back into childhood, kind garden times where we had these endless arts and crafts session that I loved so much. Except this time we could also sip on champagne and laugh very loudly, which is kind of the best thing in the world.

Anyway, because we had such an amazing time and the images turned out so great, I wanted to share with you this article which isn’t really an outfit post (although I was wearing this cool black pyjama looking suite which was so comfy and cozy!), I wanted to share this beautiful moment we shared all together and maybe inspire you for an upcoming summer gathering? Thanks to Eddie Borgo, Target and Next for such a gorgeous evening and make sure to check his new line, you guys will seriously LOVE it.

Photography by Jose Martinez & Rebecca Smeyne

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