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St vincente

Week-end has been good. Very relaxing. My place is finally coming together and I can’t even explain to you guys what a seriously sick feeling it is to see it become what I always envisioned it to be. You see, throughout my whole childhood I’d look up to this emancipation moment with fear yet an extreme excitement. I’d even make myself fall asleep at night by imagining and dreaming of what it would eventually look like and what kind of furniture I’d have in it. Well, even though my taste has evolved ever since (and honestly still continues to evolve!) I do have to admit that it’s starting to look really good, and I do feel at home.

There’s no such feeling as coming back to your own place, for which you’ve hunted down each piece of furniture, where each book, each picture frame has a story and a personal meaning to you. I was sitting on my couch the other day, it was late at night, I couldn’t sleep… and I was just staring around, thinking about how crazy my life turned out to be. I mean, in my wildest dreams would I have never envisioned myself moving from my small town in Switzerland (where it takes two buses and a train to go to Geneva) to L.A, getting my own place in Beverly Hills to pursue my lifetime dream. Who would have thought…

And little did I know, it actually feels good to be at home by myself for now. I’ve been travelling so much, always surrounded by so many people, that coming back home and finding peace for myself is one of the most magical and relaxing feelings ever. It’s amazing. I feel so independent. It’s my place and my make my own rules (meaning dance parties in your underwear at 2am after you applied bronzer and you don’t want to stain your bed sheets… so you shake it to make it dry quicker, my favorite activity in the world). Of course, I do miss Fiona and living with her, but growing up as an only child, I have to say, I always thought I’d live by myself (like a Carrie Bradshaw in her own little appartement, coming back home after long days, and pulling out her computer to share the story of her life…)

My neighborhood is so nice. I wake up and fall asleep with a view of palm trees outside my window. They actually became my pals (my palms hehe). Each one of them has a name, which varies from Fred to Louis. On another note, the weather has been so insane here in LA and dressing up accordingly has never been more fun. My taste in clothes had been very minimalistic and boyish lately. I love everything very simple, such as a white buttoned up shirt with leather bottoms, jeans, or a cool pair of trousers. Now, I have my fun with accessories and I have to say I’ve been absolutely obsessing over this Coccinelle bag. I remember shopping in town a few days ago and by just seeing their ad, I had to get my hands on this beauty of a bag ASAP. Firstly, I love this military khaki color. It’s such a beautiful shade of green, and the golden buckle adds a luxurious, elegant touch to it. Also, not to mention, you can literally fit your whole life in it. You’ll see it become your it piece of the season! Definitely worth the investment.




BAG : Coccinelle 

SHOES : Mango

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