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Mugler x kayture

This is a story about of the duality in all of us. When Mugler reached out to create a project pushing our creative limits, there was no doubt that we would take this new challenge very seriously. I wanted to tell a story about contrasts, a duel of two conflicting souls who need each other to exist. Just like the theory of the Ying and Yang, one cannot exist without the other. We all have within us a multitude of layers, and it is only by embracing them that we become truly exceptional. It is a learning experience that I went through myself and that allowed me to rise and stand stronger than ever. Fear can stop us from achieving so much. Our own self doubt is what’s most destructive. But by making peace with our fear, by turning all the negative energy into an actual trigger, a tool feeding our creativity, it is only then that we can build something beyond boundaries.

This short movie evolves around 3 main characters and 3 fragrances,the Angel, the Alien and the Exceptional. I had the tremendous pleasure of writing the story and working on this whole project with my best friend and creative soulmate Justin Wu who directed this short film. Needless to say we spent months and months writing and planning everything. I also got to write, compose (and actually sing…!) this song exclusively for this project with my amazing friends Jeremy Chatelain and Boston Bun from Ed Banger records who produced the track. It was so interesting to create a track for a perfume video and imagine a whole distinctive sound and mood.

This is just a premise of what is going to happen this year my loves. I told you to wait and see. This, is only the first layer of all that’s coming. A big thanks to Les Bains for letting us film the video at their magical location, we couldn’t have had a better space to create this incredible aesthetic, to Bandits production for such an incredible work of art, to the whole KayTeam for making this happen and to you guys, for absolutely everything.

Let go of all fear. Embrace your duality. Embrace You.

Fading away
Into the day
After the fight
Covered in light
They come and they stay
Shadows they play
And as you appear
I disappear
Oh you
Who are you
Who are you
Who are you
To tell me what to do
Who is she
Who are we
Oh I’m begging for some answers
Oh I’m begging on my knees
But you keep chasing me
Like no one did before
Oh who are you
Oh Oh Oh
I keep running
Oh Oh Oh
But you are still here
Waiting for me
To drown
So I have to come to peace
I know where I belong
I know who you are now
And I’m not scared anymore
Cause they come and they go
Shadows they play
And as you appear
I disappear
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