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The wholly pantry

Boost your immunity.

I am so excited to share today’s article, as I have been talking about it for a while now on IG. It’s such an important time to discuss smart and clever ways to boost our immunity system. As I was mentioning it in my latest Youtube videos that you can check out by clicking here, illness is caused by energetic distorsions of all sorts and sometimes this can be very subtle to notice and especially to understand the root cause. Think of your body as a divine power outlet that alchemizes incredible amounts of energy in and out. Good healers will always tell you, to alleviate a nasty symptom you need to address the root cause of it. Think about the meaning we give to certain situations in life, how we react to it which is a purely subjective perception for each being, and how someone will get sick (for example being in the cold for hours, one person might get sick, the other one not).

We were just talking about it on the phone with my grandmother, and it goes way beyond your predetermined disposition at birth. It’s something you can truly co-create with on if you’re willing to put honest diligent work into it. Studies on the placebo effect have shown how much our bodies react to our thoughts and emotions. Many will say, well how do I switch from a reaction state to certain emotions, knowing it fires and triggers harmful chemicals in the body? Well first of all, meditation helps tremendously. Meditation has proven to light up the different areas of your brain AND body to release healing biochemistry. That’s one thing. The other aspect of it is letting nature help us. Nature’s wisdom is literally encoded with Source messages that our bodies can understand on a subliminal level.


I remember once recommending to a friend to take some organic Valerian Root tablets to help with her severe anxiety. She used to only take prescribed modified chemical medicine and had huge issues with her kidneys (which process and detoxify our body). The Valerian Root helped her so much and so smoothly she was chocked and of course was like : why don’t they teach us this in schools? Why don’t doctors prescribe this when we go in for a regular consultation? Well, the pharmacy industry profits many. I used to take a hormonal pill and trust me, my gynecologist was absolutely up for it although my body was not. Just like genetically modified foods, our bodies don’t understand this type of encoding. It’s neither natural nor direct. It might work on a certain level until it piles up and short-circuits the system. Of course it can seem as a challenge nowadays to eat 100% natural. And yet that’s the real absurdity of the current situation and how far out it got. Sure we had to provide food for a lot of people, like really a lot, and yet since when did we become so childish and immature in our approach to our own inner depth/needs and to our environment? Think about it, when a vegetable or fruit is exported it might loose by 45% of it’s nutritional value just because it’s been sitting in a box while being transferred to your local super market. Think about going on a cure of only farm to table products? I can tell you, your acne, anxiety or eczema would literally go away within days. And not just thanks to the food, but because you’d understand the energy shift on a subliminal level. I also know precisely of many people who healed from very severe illnesses by combining serious spiritual work with a holistic diet and help of medicinal plants such as mushrooms, certain specific roots and tinctures. We are such miraculous beings, we’ve just been conditioned to forget it. You’re not just an actor in the economical system. You are a vector of light. Your true nature is love. You are inherently divine, whether you like this word or not. Beyond corrupted stigmas and/or doctrines, you actually are absolutely wholly and don’t let anyone tell you anything else. This doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. It simply means we have a profound ability to heal, to atone, to embody gratitude within and without, to be at peace and in peace throughout all levels and planes of existence.

I usually don’t like the word “witches” because of all the negative stigma associated to it and because many witches practiced very dark spell work and manipulated energy to their advantage or to the advantage of power distorsions (love spells for example, which create tremendously negative family karma) and yet most of the healers of the time and nurses were witches. So let’s use the word light workers. As Kirlian photography shows us (read more here), certain foods have a very high vibrational light ray potency. This is why many people work on activating their foods through fermentation processes or sprouting methods to really optimize the nutritional value of what they’re eating. All of this to say, our kitchen is really where the miracles happen and it’s time to remember that and put all our loving energy into it when we’re cooking, and I really mean it. Many people wonder why they get sick yet they only put effort when they’re faced with a severe condition. This needs to come to stop and we need to reclaim our ability to heal ourselves with all the gifts nature is blessing us with. Mother Gaia is so abundant, so resourceful. All you gotta do is just be a little curious and open minded and stop following public opinion like it’s the holy grail of everything. Learn to think for yourself, you’ll thank me later and those around you will eventually thank you as well. Remember : you allow by being. So what do you allow? What do you consent to? Don’t forget that with the economic pace of the last couple of years, people were mostly eating in front of their computers, not even fully grasping or even understanding the terrible c chain impact that this hamster wheel rhythm had on the environment. The rush to the profit created such extreme distorsions that we need proper re-focus, presence and healing now more than ever.

It might be a “hard pill” to swallow (lol) but actually, what I’m inviting you to consider is that this pill might be a soup or a tea with some added dried herbs which can truly give you so many benefits when implemented on a regular, mindful and present basis. So instead of turning to a chemical that your body will require a break to process, my recommendation is to make it easy for you to turn to natural alternatives that are even more potent and efficient. So many incredible companies are reclaiming this sovereign power to stand again in our full presence when it comes to our awareness and discernment regarding health and I too will prone this as loud and clear as I can. I’ve been used to hospital beds since I’m a child, have been sick so many times until I fully established my profound need for spiritual healing which means : un-programming viral corrupted belief systems from our brain and giving ourselves a fresh slate to heal with medicinal plants and wholly foods. If these words are triggering you, then you may, with my deepest respect close this article now. It’ll always be there for you if you need it and if you decide to open up to this. Yet many people have such a hard time letting go of their negative habits for comfort reasons. What if this idea of reassurance is actually affecting your mental and physical health on such a level that there’s nothing really comforting about it after all? Yes you can enjoy foods you love meanwhile you can choose much more sustainable alternatives that are better for your psychological, neurological and spiritual wellbeing while also supporting local farmers, eco-friendly companies, communities and companies who put much love in crafting animal friendly and environment friendly produces.

Now, many will say : but this is so expensive. It is not. Money is energy. How many times do we need to hear this. By investing in your health, investing in your choices and pantry, you literally give yourself credit and margin for you will notice your outlook, feeling and energy improve drastically. It might not feel like a quick fix right away, and yet trust me when I say this is money you’ll have back in your pocket for all you’ll save yourself. Support yourself. This is what I’m saying. And support a circular economy, that respects nature and respects us as human beings. There are truly ways of honoring and blessing our foods. Through ritual, prayer, gratitude. Many studies, specifically the one lead by Dr. Masaru Emoto (read about it here) show that praying on your glass of water will change it’s crystalline structure. This is not magic, this is the miraculousness of life. Water reacts to the waves of energy it’s in relationship with. It will literally merge into a new structure. Make it a habit to pray on your tea, on your coffee, to bless your wholly cup of water. And yes you can do that for your soup or even when you’re making a salad. Eat foods that are alive and lively. Give yourself this delicious nurturing and share it with your friends. You deserve it.

So now, let’s go into specifics. With the current global health situation, we need to get super real. I’ve been consulting with so many teachers and practitioners that claim loud and clear that what’s happening is a reflection of a deep state and specifically linked to the Crown chakra (the chakra where you you connect to Source and receive downloads from the quantum field). This goes into deeply rooted beliefs about who you really are as a human being. You are a multidimensional energetic being. That’s who you really are. Everything is energy. You are energy. Many people, upon their conscious or unconscious knowing willingness create blockages, because they are afraid : for example afraid of the invisible, afraid of love, afraid of freedom, of success, afraid of spirits, afraid of what others might think, afraid of the degree of corruption within their governments and the list goes on. All this, creates obstructed neurological pathways and eventually illness. Everything is quantum energy. Your body is capable of developing it’s own anti-bodies and adapting to really rough environments. It’s really about being at peace within the wholly trinity of Spirit, Mind and Body and to really be honest about it : where do you still hold triggered beliefs of anger, resentment or fear? Are you truly aligned and at peace within your spirituality? Are you really speaking your truth? Are you capable of thinking for yourself no matter what anyone says? Even if you live in the middle of I don’t know where, you can still gather roots, plants, pray on your water, create moments of gratitude to bless your food and choose an animal and environment friendly diet. And remember : meditating is FREE. Connecting to your ancestors and cosmic guides is FREE. The trigger point for many of us is how much food is socially conditioned. I remember when I told my grandmother I didn’t want to eat meat, it was a huge offense for her because in her generation eating meat was a symbol of wealth and kept you warm and strong. Yet I know, because I used to eat meat and stopped when I was about 14, what it did to my hormonal levels, my cortisol levels, my acne and depression on a biochemical and also on a spiritual level. It took me a lot of time to explain to her my decision. I know that she still eats meat, yet I also know she has a new found respect for the incredible power of vegetables and fruits, nuts and all sorts of herbs that contribute to the nutrition we truly deserve.

Eat with your heart, that’s all I am saying. Listen to your discernment. Listen to your gut. Perhaps certain things that work for others don’t work for you, you need to honor that. We are cyclical beings, both women and men. We might not need to eat the same things everyday. So abolish your diets. Please, give yourself this gift. Eat with joy, with surprise, with intuition and mindfulness. It doesn’t need to be complicated at all, I promise. And also, give yourself a moment to breath before eating. Don’t rush it. Feel the food going in your belly and really say a profound thank you. Having experienced several phases of eating disorders in my life and knowing friends who still struggle with it, especially in the fashion industry (although it affects so many people world wide) I know that food is so profoundly linked to our spirituality. Just know, you are fully welcomed as you truly are : in your wholly health. What does being healthy mean to you now? Answer this question and RECLAIM IT. Bless your soul and spirit by honoring a holistic sacred approach to food. Let’s stop this abuse, mistreatment and punishment of ourselves. It is time. It is time to reclaim our sovereignty and to illuminate and integrate our shadows. Although we mentally try to convince ourselves to believe certain lies, deep down we do know the truth. And no one’s gonna take that away from you. So trust yourself. It might take a little moment to un-install all the vicious viral beliefs and programing you hold deep regarding food or even yourself, yet you have all the tools, all the books, all the information now to make your research and to really integrate that smoothly into your life.

With this being said, let’s go into a more in depth glossary of different miracle potions I love to surround myself. That’s why I called this article the Wholly Pantry. Because we are wholly and divine beings and it is time to eat in a way that supports the reality we care to manifest. While doing spiritual work this year I realized how the color of each food is directly linked to the vibration of our chakras. So when you feel a certain ailment in a specific part of your body, you can come to this little glossary to help you understand which food can help you with what you are going through. Remember it’s not just about the colors specifically, each product can have overall effects on your entire system. So if one food is listed in one category, it doesn’t mean that’s it’s benefits aren’t just as valid for your whole body. You know what they say it : a good meal is a rainbow meal! This is both valid for raw or cooked produce as well as powders and tinctures. So go ahead and explore, for it is so much fun.

Your chakras are wheels of subtle energy. Each chakra is a temple of divine alchemy and intelligence storing your story. Imagine a rainbow where each ray of color holds it’s vibrational story in the form of certain archetypal representations. They each carry your life information as well as your intra-life data (re-incarnation data, ancestry, karma etc…). Some chakras might get blocked and obstructed if you hold destructive beliefs, this influences the whole flow of the chi in your body. I would recommend to have a little book at home about each chakra specifically. I have “Le Petit Livre des Chakras” published by Larousse which is truly great. So often when I need an answer I open it up and there it is. There are also similar english versions such as “The Little Book of Chakras” by Patricia Mercier for example or “A Little bit of Chakras” by Amy Leigh and Chad Mercree.

Root Chakra Muladhara (Color : Red) – Stability, Sexuality, Foundation

  • Beetroot – Improves blood flow, cognitive functions
  • Strawberries – Passion healing, blood sugar regulation
  • Cranberries – Great for urinary tract
  • Cacao – Enhancing libido, healing of any sexual ailment
  • Reishi Mushroom – Powerful overall Immunity support
  • Hibiscus – Lowers blood pressure
  • Rose – Ability to fight off infection, menstrual pain relief
  • Vanilla – Soothes inflammation/cramps, helps with digestion
  • Goji berries – Prevents cancer growth, powerful antioxidant
  • Pomegranate – Prevents cell damage, Anti-Inflammatory

Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana (Color : Orange) – Creativity, Digestion, Intuition

  • Mandarin – Immune system booster, healing wounds
  • Oranges – Prevents skin damage, acids help breaking down heavy foods
  • Cinnamon – Prebiotic properties improving gut health, supports digestion
  • Guarana – Powerful energy booster
  • Pumpkin – Inner nurturer, re-connects to your inner fullness
  • Sweet Potato – Promotes gut health, filling and improves creativity
  • Turmeric – Antioxidant, helps with symptoms of depression

Solar Plexus Manipura (Color : Yellow) – Confidence, Trust, Individuality

  • Lemon – Acids break down toxins, powerful detoxifier
  • Astragalus – Great protector, anti-inflammatory, life prolonging
  • Chamomile – Soothing and Calming
  • Forsythia – Miracle healer for various ailments
  • Witch Hazel – Fights acne, wards off infection, relieves irritation
  • Ginger – Treats wonderfully nausea ailments and indigestions of all sorts
  • Curry – Combats Alzheimer and Cancer, boosts bone health
  • Maca – Increases libido, improves mood, helps with fertility

Heart Chakra Anahata (Color : Green) – Compassion, Love, Incarnation Gateway

  • Matcha – Powerful detoxifier, calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • Mugwort – Powerful lung ally, detoxifies any debris in lungs
  • Mullein – Powerful expectorant, helps body expel excess mucus
  • Amalaki – Supports lung health, promotes toxin elimination
  • Spinach – High source of protein and iron, reduces stress
  • Parsley – Opens the heart, anti-bacterial, helps wounds heal faster
  • Rosemary – Cognitive stimulant, improves memory quality
  • Thyme – Improves heart health on all levels, anti-fungal
  • Devil’s Club – Powerful heart & lung support, miraculous detoxifier

Throat Chakra Vishuddha (Color : Light Blue) – Communication, Expression

  • Butterfly Pea Flower – Cures eye sight, treats hair loss
  • Blueberries – Aids in communication, alleviates aspects of anxiety
  • Ashwagandha – Helps sooth symptoms of stress, pressure, depression
  • Valerian Root – Calming and soothing.
  • Echinacea – Great for overall immunity, sore throat, runny nose.

Third Eye Chakra Ajna (Color : Indigo) – Perception, Subtle Energy Discernment, Focus, Knowing

  • Purple cabbage – Improves perception, receptivity to subtle energy
  • Eggplant – Comforting, nurturing, increases brain function
  • Plum – Constipation relief, reduces anxiety
  • Black Currants – Antiseptic, antitoxic, antimicrobial
  • Figs – Aphrodisiac (dried figs have an even higher nutritional value)
  • Elderberries – Wisdom berry assisting with overall outlook
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Decalcifies Pineal Gland
  • Organic Blue Ice skate Fish Oil – Detoxifies and opens third eye
  • Boron / Borax – Removes fluoride from the human body

Crown Chakra Sahasrara (Color : Purple & White) – Spiritual Connection, Consciousness Gateway

  • Coconut – An ally in all forms, re-connects to inner gentleness
  • Lion’s Mane – Miracle mushroom, ally for a healthy neurological feedback
  • Bananas – Cures ulcers and heartburns, powerful spiritual ally
  • Garlic – Anti-viral, combats sickness, treats insect bites
  • Onion – Helps with “peeling” layers of the subliminal, cures fever
  • Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) – Speeds healing, Prevents Memory Loss
  • Burdock Root – Binds to chemicals in the body and pulls them out
  • Raspberries – Maintains brain health and healthy cognitive feedback
  • Açai Berry – Powerful regenerative berry increasing blood circulation

Get creative and make your own research as there is so much more to learn about + there are many wonderful companies who focus on teaching us all about it. Some of my favorites are Sun Potion, Poppy & Someday, Wooden Spoon Herbs, Hygée, Maison Loüno, Solgar, Buddha Teas, Anima Mundi herbals etc… Pricing is ranging yet some of these potions in a tincture or powder format can last you for a year or two years. You can mix it into your yoghurt (ideally nut based) or your latte. I personally like to experiment with different varieties of lattes or smoothies : beetroot and cacao latte, vanilla rose and earl grey tea latte with some reishi powder, a golden turmeric latte with black pepper, coconut oil and astragalus, butterfly pea flower latte (which has an incredible blue color and I’m telling you it deserves the same hype as matcha, you can see it in the photos bellow). The options are infinite. This is why I didn’t want to give any specific recipe as I think it’s so important for it to be an exploration. If you are interested in specific recipes, I can absolutely consider that for a Youtube video or article! I hope you enjoyed this little moment of communion together. Much peace, many blessing and unconditional love.

Yours truly, Kristina


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