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Guess night

Pictures by James Vyn

PROJECTIONS IN MILANFirst of all, I’d like to stard this article by wishing you all again some lovely Christmas holidays. I hope you had a fantastic time with your family and beloved ones, enjoyed a good rest and delicious meal and wish you all a lot of love and happiness. For my part, I really craved a little time off the computer and needed to log off and spend some time with my family (I guess I’ll never be able to log off completely as I was still instaraming live from our Christmas dinner, I say addiction). Also, how lucky am I, I got sick right after Christmas. It’s the tradition, I always get sick on holidays. Simply great, at least it forces me to relax and stay in bed for a day or two. Something that I also quite wanted.

Anyway, I couldn’t be more excited to show you folks these pictures James and I shot last week while in Milan with Guess. The brand invited us to come and see their new collection at a really fun event. The evening was a real blast, we discovered some exclusive customized Guess paintings from their archives as well as enjoyed their awesome show. I love how sexy, feminin and so casual their looks are. It’s perfect for any occasion. I also got to wear that night a full outfit from Guess. Anoushka and I have chosen earlier that day some pieces especially for the event. It simply felt like the perfect look, simple gray dress and high pony tail. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures : James really enjoyed taking them as there were so many incredible wall projections and animations throughout the party.


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