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Paradise garden

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN LOS ANGELES I feel like I am deeply, madly, crazy in love with Los Angeles. I mean, I obviously love Switzerland a lot, but the weather is absolutely nooothing compared to LA. Oh gosh no. First of all, I already got a sun burn on my neck, even though I was wearring a jacket… Can you believe it. Tomorrow we’ll definitely try to find some sun screen. And second of all, I feel like everybody is so healthy and fit out here. Makes me just wanna do sports and work out.

Thanks to Guess, we were invited in LA to come and assist at one of their events and actually discover the brand from an insider look. If you guys aren’t following me on Instagram then all I can say is that we’ve learned some major stuff about Guess and how the brand was acutally lauchned. So back to the look, wearring pink again! I feel like I am finally giving it a chance. What do you guys think?


DRESS : Queen’s Wardrobe
SHEOS : Sigerson Morrison
NECKLACE : Shourouk
LIPSTICK : Chanel ”Génial”
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