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Bang bang

Pictures by James Vyn

NEW HAIR, NEW MOOD As you guys might have noticed if you follow me on either Instagram (@kristina_bazan) or Facebook, there’s been since a couple of days a little change, or maybe even a big one. I must admit that I hate going to the hairdresser (always end up unhappy about my new up do) but I was getting really tired of my classic middle part and needed absolutely, despereately something new and fresh to try out. 

So here I am, introducing you my new hair style! Bangs for the win, bangs are back and I feel so happy about them. I don’t know yet if I’ll keep them for a long time but I love the edgy touch they add to my looks and this haircut fits perfectly to a rock n’ chic look which I’ll be playing with in the following days. My rule is to never be afraid of a little change, life is too short and it’s always nice to try new things out. Either it is food, or music or even a hair style!

JACKET : Minusey
SHIRT : Zara
EARRINGS : Shourouk (find them here)
SHOES : Guess by Marciano (find them here)
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