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Shanghai affairs

Pictures by James Vyn

QUICK UPDATE So this month of May is going to be pretty busy for us, which means obviously very good. We’ve got a lot of absolutely amazing surprises waiting for you, which of course you’ll find revealed throughout the month, but you can expect the unexpected and some really exciting destinations. Today I am announcing one to you. As you know, we’ve worked already a couple of times with Hugo Boss. We attended a couple of their events and had a great time with their cool team!

At the end of the month we’ll be leaving to Shanghai to attend a Hugo Boss fashion show plus after party, which will be our very first time in China. Already looking forward to it! Now it’s going to be a very big event and the great news is that one of you will actually be able to live this experience too. I invite you therefore to join in a very special Hugo Boss Shanghai fashion show giveaway, simply CLICK HERE to enter the sweepstake and we’ll see each other there hopefully! The video at the end of the post will give you a little preview of what’s to expect ;)

P.S : Spent the day choosing my outfit for the show a the Hugo Boss store in Geneva, guess what I picked ;)

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