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Dark age

Welcome everyone to the new age of Kayture. I am calling it the Dark Age, not only for it’s brand new black layout, but also for it’s new age of emancipation. I will explain further bellow but before that I have to express how proud I am of this re-launch as we’ve been working on it for months together with the amazing team at Colorz who completely nailed it. A big thanks to their entire crew for creating something so beautiful. It was so important for me that the blog ressembles the new art direction I am taking creatively but also and especially reflects the young woman, creative mind and entrepreneur that I am today, the woman I want to be and the figure I want to be for those who follow Kayture, a figure I want to be proud of.

I have been searching for a more soulful, elegant, darker approach to what I do, trying to navigate a bit away from what we can call “traditional” blogging with outfits of the day to a more editorial type of content where I feel like I share with you more than just things to buy or dictating a lifestyle or trends to instead share an aesthetic, a vision, moments, inspiration.

To me, this approach is much more personal and in fact, I wanted to go back to a Kayture where creativity comes in first, not the likes. Although I still get messages from certain of you who miss me being blonde and so on, my darker hair is also a chance for me to hopefully challenge opinions and perceptions. I have been feeling good and much more like myself, growing more maturely in this industry where it is a challenge everyday to stay relevant and especially authentic without compromising integrity.

I am calling this the Dark Age not to sound edgy or to justify my hair color (lol) but to challenge perceptions and to symbolize a wish to build something long lasting, intelligent, elegant, soulful. Darkness is associated often to a state of negativity, when in fact, to me the dark has always brought so much light. It is at night, when the whole world seems to be at sleep that I feel the most creative, thus the reason why I got a moon tattoo on my left wrist (a lefty indeed). I wrote most of my book On The Go during the night or up in the sky, on a plane disconnected from the world and from reality. Getting this tattoo was purely symbolic and it had a great meaning to me. It is within darkness that I feel the most safe, the most at ease, where I feel like I can be myself the most without fear or judgment, where I can hear myself and listen to my feelings without any external noise. It is in the darkness that I feel like becoming a better person. Not obsessing over the lime light, not caring about opinions or the ephemeral praise that comes with the light and it’s glamorous glow.

So yes, I realized with time and growing up that I quite prefer the subtle, discrete, mysterious darkness instead of the oblivious light. And for those curious to adventure themselves in the darkness, they’ll find treasures that those who stay only in the light by fear won’t be able to see. I have needed that darkness so much… I don’t know if it’s because I grew up as an only child and spent so much time by myself, cultivating solitude as an artistic vehicle, or because of my zodiac sign, scorpio, which makes me instinctively so attracted by dark, but I guess I am just a big dreamer and every tale my grand mother ever told me was right before falling asleep at night. It is in the world of dreams that I find my imagination getting loose the most. And this freedom, this freedom of mind and heart, I pursue it daily. By allowing myself to seek darkness, I opened doors that allowed me to be entirely whole. Accepting each facet as part of an entity.

You see, although my numbers on social media or the reputation I might have grown in this industry might say the contrary, I have always been deep down in the bottom, quite a nerdy shy introvert who opened a blog in 2011 to nerd out. A dreamer fascinated about the mysteries of the world, of life, of people, fascinated by beauty, by this curious industry that is fashion and art. But when you put too much light on a little introvert kid like me, it becomes more difficult to truly Create. I couldn’t hear myself no more. All I could hear were others. I missed people approaching me naturally without any assumptions, without any built up opinions, I craved real contact, real interactions and so I chose to swing on the wave of tranquility and serenity, without proving anything to anyone, without pressuring myself to try to explain who I really am and how I really feel, but hopefully letting my actions and my decisions speak for themselves for those attentive enough to see.

Because you know, I am so proud of what I have accomplished, of Kayture, of how this little baby of a blog has grown into becoming what it is today, a solid creative platform for self-expression. I have no one to answer to, I’ve always made my own rules, no one controls my words or the pictures I choose to post. This freedom is priceless. Kayture has given me a life like I could have never imagined. But I refuse to be dictated by numbers, by conversions, I refuse to live my youth caring more about my number of followers than my creative capabilities or how good of a human being I am. In the letters some of my followers have written me, there were these beautiful messages about self growth, how Kayture inspired them to pursue their dreams too, and gave them the strength to keep on fighting for what they love. And as I read these lines I knew this was my mission and it is my duty to keep spreading this message of love and hope by representing it, and keep on fighting myself too for my dreams, because they don’t simply resume themselves into a blog. A blog is a diary, it isn’t the end goal, it is the platform to relate the journey, not the journey itself.

So of course it can seem a bit hypocritical to say all this and still be part of this game but I think everything in life deserves balance and it is what I am currently seeking. I want to create content I am proud of, content I love, content that is actually inspiring beyond blogging norms, beyond just my face or looks. I want to share with you part of my life, my thoughts, play with my looks for fun, and for re-inventing myself as a woman. I want to share with you soon a new career chapter, and hopefully many more in the future without being afraid. Even if it means loosing followers. I prefer to make sure that the people who follow me are curious, want to see me grow and see this growth as some energy to take back with them on their own adventure. I want to incorporate new elements in my content that aren’t just about the clothes I wear, but more about the things I am inspired by and try to represent them visually through the way the pictures are taken, the colors, the poses and how the moods are chosen.

So please don’t miss the blonde Kristina, I promise you, she might have had all the likes but I deeply believe and truly hope that the grown up one, the one I stand for today, is a much better, and whole human being.

Many of you have noticed my discretion all over social platforms and I have to thank you for allowing me to take this step back. I will keep evolving a bit in the shadows for now, until the day comes to show you what I have been cultivating in my midnight garden. It is hard to be patient when you are severely impatient like me…But some of the greatest things in life are worth nurturing and waiting for.



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