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The title of this article seemed obvious to me. “Lovely” was probably THE word that would define our experience in London as we were hearing it everywhere and everyday during our short stay. I was so incredibly impressed by people’s kindness and how genuinely polite everybody was. Arriving at the airport, handing my passport to customs was “lovely”, paying for my coffee was “lovely”, checking in at the hotel was absolutely “lovely”. I was melting. Just to hear people say it to me all day long made me want to move to England.

There’s something so special in this city. I don’t know if it’s because of this delightfully charming british accent they have but it just seemed like everybody was so respectful of one another, sophisticated and well mannered. There’s so much elegance and finesse in the british culture. I was mesmerized. And of course, each time we had to wait for something, we got offered tea and little finger snacks : I’m sold.

We were back in London for a special project with Toni & Guy, a very exciting experience where we had backstage access to some of the top shows during fashion week in order to observe and report on some of the coolest hair trends of the season and on what is happening in terms of the hair products to use right now.

I have to say, each designer has it’s own very specific aesthetic and techniques and I was so impressed to see how Mark Hampton, Toni & Guy’s hairstylist ambassador, was able to transition from one extreme to another, creating the perfect “Kate Moss, effortless chic beach wave” to a conceptual, artsy bun at Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show. And yet, even if we were able to see so many different things, one style during this LFW season has been very prominent and obvious, the laid back look.

It’s all about the loose locks, the “I just woke up but look amazing” kind of look with a natural movement, and kind of that nonchalant messy feel. The products that I’ve spotted being used the most are definitely all the dry shampoos, texturizing sprays and beach salt water by Toni & Guy. All these goodies to that your hair can meet your wardrobe perfectly!



SKIRT + SWEATER : Joseph through Net A Porter (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Stella McCartney through Monnier Frères

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