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Sweet like a candy, dangerous like a forbidden fruit… A bite and you’ve given up. This was the idea we had in mind while working on this super exciting new project with Viktor & Rolf for the launch of their iconic Bonbon perfume’s  beauty line. Needless to say that the whole entire collection is an absolute gem, it’s a whirl of sweet goodies to cover yourself up with and smell like the most delicious friandise in the world.

Since my childhood, my perfumes have always had a sweetness to them. Vanilla is probably one of my favorite scents in this world. If I could just drown in a cloud of vanilla, I would. As a kid, I would go into candy stores just to be able to get a sense of all the sweet flavors and fragrances. It would be my little guilty pleasure (and then I would leave with a stomach ache because of course I also had to try everything). Now candies are my little naughty sins. Just a few here and there. And the fact that it has become a special occasion makes it even more enjoyable. So instead now, I prefer to actually smell like a one.

If you have ever met me in person, then you must know that I actually do smell like a walking cotton candy. I do love however having a deeper, darker gourmand scent mixed up with the light and sweet notes, just to bring out the sensuality and make it more mature and sophisticated. So if you have ever tried Bonbon on your skin, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s definitely a very elevated Bonbon we’re talking about here. Not just a candy… It’s sensual, sexy, mysterious and oh so tempting. I know for fact that every time I wear it, I always get asked what is it that I use?

Being able to work with Viktor & Rolf is also such an exciting endeavor. I’ve had the pleasure to attend their haute couture shows for two seasons now in Paris and am always just as impressed with their innovative, conceptual creativity. There’s so much artistry in their craft and I have so much respect for their vision. Having met them backstage during one of their venues, I could just tell that they have this “genius” aura floating around them. If you look at the bottle of the perfume itself, even though it’s pink and so to say “girly”, it’s still such a beautiful art piece, almost Jeff Koons inspired with it’s big puffy bow shaped silhouette. The bottle becomes a symbol of a delicious, feminine, playfulness.

Cibelle and I had such a great time shooting these images. I hope you guys will enjoy discovering them as much as we did creating them and make sure to head in stores to discover the whole Viktor & Rolf bath line and Bonbon perfume if you haven’t tried it already.

Photography by Cibelle Levi. 

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